Feb 17, 2021
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“I love all sorts of alien beings”: MakSim appreciated the songs of Morgenstern

After a long absence from the public space last year, the singer ABC is more likely to be in society, she has become more active in social networks. On the eve, she became a guest of the evening show of Ivan Urgant, among other things, they discussed the work of Morgenstern.

Singer MakSim visited the show “Evening Urgant”, in the coffin of the last year she was the heroine of Boris Korchevnikov’s program “Rock of a Man”. She says that she managed to overcome the crisis in her life associated with the experience of an accident and difficulties on the individual front.

In a conversation with Ivan Urgant, the singer reported that she prefers boxing to work in the gym, and in the future she wants to try tennis. Obviously, thanks to the loads, MakSim dances out the top five look.

The presenter also asked about the artist’s view of Morgenstern’s work, MakSim responded that she liked it.

“I love all sorts of alien beings.<...> Such weirdos now have great success, unusually preferring something original to the younger generation, ”- said the singer and predicted a great future for the rapper.

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