Sep 6, 2021
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“I lay down on the hood and began to twist the wipers”: How Alla Pugacheva threw Alexander Stefanovich

A friend of the director told the curious story of the Diva’s divorce from her second husband. Stefanovich forced the singer to lose weight, and Pugacheva forgave him for betrayal. Alla’s dressmaker almost fell victim to the director’s harassment.

Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva
Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva,

In the program “Backstage Wars” they recalled the marriage of Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva. It was Alla who made a marriage proposal to Stefanovich. The famous song and the film of the same name “The Woman Who Sings” created a real star out of Alla.

The former husband of Pugacheva Stefanovich thanked himself for the success of the Prima Donna. The motion picture has collected an exorbitant amount for cinema tickets. Alexander specially invented scandals for the diva so that they would talk about her even more. And after the stunning explosion of the first film, Stefanovich Pugacheva’s husband decided to repeat his luck.

The film “Recital” was supposed to be the second victory, but at the beginning of filming, Alla had a fight to death with the director. Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva were shouting in the dressing room. Alla accused Alexander of treason.

Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva in their youth
Photo: Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva in their youth,

Cameraman Vladimir Klimov told how the scandal between Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva took place:

“Stefanovich locked himself in a Zhiguli. Alla lay down on the hood and began to twist the wipers. The sight was something else. Alla was a furious lioness. And Sasha was sitting in the car, shutting himself up and saying “Pugachevochka, Pugachevochka!”

The singer, without getting her husband out of the locked car, rushed to her husband’s superiors in Mosfilm.

Screenwriter Alexander Borodyansky recalls that Alla Borisovna went to the studio director:

“She’s a star after all. And she said that she would not be filming with this director. And he said that we do not change directors in cinema, but change actors ”.

So Pugacheva was deprived of the role because of Stefanovich. Stefanovich himself proposed Sofia Rotaru to the place of the Prima Donna. Instead of “Recital” there was a painting “Soul” with Sofia Rotaru. Alla did not forgive this.

At the same moment, the divorce proceedings of Alexander Stefanovich and Pugacheva were already in full swing. At the trial, Alla admitted that her ex-husband forced Alla Pugacheva to lose weight. But this was not the only reason for the divorce of Stefanovich and Pugacheva.

According to the personal dressmaker of the singer Stefanovich “walker”:

“Stefanovich cheated on Alla at every corner. He put his hand on my knee, I sharply shooed her. He was afraid that I would tell Alla everything. She is a jealous person. Painfully jealous. “

Pugacheva's correspondence with Alexander Stefanovich
Photo: Correspondence between Pugacheva and Alexander Stefanovich, NTV

In the last interview, Stefanovich quoted the correspondence with Pugacheva:

“Sasha, I love you and I don’t need anyone. But if you, an infection, cheat on me. I’ll go to Tallinn and cheat on you there. “

Years later, when Alexander Stefanovich learned about the children of Pugacheva and Galkin, he said out of resentment:

“Where did she find them? Well, if she froze her eggs, then up to 100 years old she can give birth quite normally. “

It was hard for him and the news of marriage with Maxim Galkin 2021. Galkin and Pugacheva showed tender feelings in public.

After Alla, Stefanovich’s personal life developed rapidly, but without a family and children. Young models, all kinds of Miss and winners of beauty contests cruised in the apartment.

The ex-husband of Pugacheva Stefanovich died at the age of 77 on July 13, 2021. The cause of death of Alexander Stefanovich was lung damage due to coronavirus infection. Alla Pugacheva did not come to the last farewell of her ex-husband.

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