Oct 5, 2021
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"I have not been involved in politics yet": Czech Prime Minister justified himself for buying a castle in France through an offshore

Czech Prime Minister and billionaire Andrei Babis in an interview with Czech television said that in 2009 he bought 16 real estate objects in France through an offshore company.

Expensive real estate in France was bought through a lawyer on the advice of realtors, and there is nothing illegal in this, RIA Novosti quoted Babis as saying. “In 2009, I was not involved in politics yet,” the Czech Prime Minister justifies.

The so-called “Pandora Dossier” was published by the international community of journalists, funded by the infamous American George Soros. The materials mention the involvement of a number of world leaders in offshore schemes, among whom, by the way, there is none from the United States. Babiš is also featured in the “dossier”. Allegedly, in 2009, he bought a castle in France through offshore companies for $ 22 million. At the same time, the politician kept the fact of acquiring real estate secret.

Babis sees the investigation into the purchase of luxury French real estate as aggressive attacks from his political rivals.

It is noteworthy that the “Pandora’s dossier” revealed information about the offshores of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, while information about Vladimir Putin’s “secret billions” was not there.

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