Jul 30, 2022
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“I hate Russians”: the Consul of Norway burst into obscene language in a hotel in Murmansk

A video surfaced on the Web, in which, presumably, the Norwegian consul made a scandal in the hotel.

The resonant video was scattered all over the media. It shows a woman, who is believed to be the consul of Norway, making a scandal and using foul language in Murmansk’s Azimut Hotel. This is reported by Channel Five.

As suggested by the media, Elizabeth Ellingson came with colleagues to check into the hotel. Entering the room, she saw a cleaner there, which literally pissed off the woman. The lady immediately went to the reception and gave a real thrashing to the hotel staff. The workers asked the foreigner to wait only fifteen minutes and even offered to give her a card so that she could leave her things in the room. However, the woman did not calm down.

According to the lady, she should have checked into an already cleaned room, and not wait for the maid to finish the job. All Russian women got it too. So, the foreigner accused them of uncleanliness.

“I’m not some Russian woman who somehow brushed off the dust,” she was indignant.

The Russophobic words of the lady became the peak of the scandal. “I hate Russians,” she shouted. By the way, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has already commented on what is happening. According to Zakharova, they have already thought about the reaction to such an outrageous attack.

It is worth noting that so far no official confirmation has been provided that it was Ellingson who got into the scandal. So far, the Norwegian consulate has not commented on what is happening.


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