May 4, 2021
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“I don’t want my cult in the family”: Sergey Lazarev’s story about raising children

Singer Sergei Lazarev admitted that he did not want the cult of the astral parent to reign in his family.

“I don’t want my cult in the family”: Sergey Lazarev's story about raising children

Sergey Lazarev single-handedly brings up his son Nikita and daughter Anya, who were born as a surrogate mother.

In an interview, the 38-year-old performer admitted that he strives so that his fame does not put pressure on the children. In this regard, the ex-lead singer of Smash fights against the cult of the astral parent, including forbidding the nanny to include his songs.

He believes that the children of famous parents have complexes.

“It’s like finding yourself, so that you don’t compare, so that you yourself will earn a point under the sun. Therefore, I do not want my cult in the family, ”Sergey explained.

Also in an interview with FAMETIME TV, Lazarev noted that he didn’t want the kids to start perceiving his artist from TV one day, and not like a dad.

We will remind, Sergey Lazarev declassified his son Nikita in 2016, two years after birth. His sister Anya was born in 2018, and to this one artist spoke about the addition to the family a year later.

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