Jan 23, 2021
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I don’t believe him!

I don't believe him!

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… Of course, I could not help but watch Navalny’s film about Putin’s palace. You can write a huge review with a detailed analysis of the entire movie, and I have no doubt that this will be done many times, both by “loyalists” and by outright enemies of Putin. Therefore, I will simply reduce everything to the theses of my personal reflection on what I saw. So!

…Nothing new! From the word – in general! This is a kind of compilation of all previous investigations, arranged with screaming luxury illustrations of the palace under construction. Impressive, but it has long gone rotten!

What have we learned new?

That under Gelendzhik a huge luxurious estate is being created for a certain top person – you understand – Putin? So what? This topic is at least ten years old. And the surnames that sounded then, and the facts – everything is already ten years old!

We learned about the stupid craftiness of the speechwriter, who wrote Putin’s biography, in which the news of the appointment of VVP as director of the FSB found him on the coast of the Baltic, and not on the French Riviera, where he actually rested with his family at that time.

We learned that a bunch of apartments for people whose names are associated with him were bought with the money of oligarchs close to Putin.

We saw the drawn business diagrams along which the money for the construction of the palace flows, and all these purchases. At the same time, Navalny no longer claims that the Russian budget is being “sawed” here – all this money is private, transferred by commercial structures, and therefore Navalny calls it the most pathetic bribe in the world. At the same time, there is not a single proof of the real “belonging” of the mentioned palace to Putin or his family. Only friends, colleagues, distant relatives. And the palace itself is not completed …

… In fact, the $ 1 billion that Navalny “shocks” the public with is nothing more than a sparkler in the hands of a clown. According to Navalny himself, the construction process has been stretched for 15 years.

That is, this billion dollars was not just taken and pulled out of the country’s budget, but was extracted in “tranches” from the budgets of various firms and companies. And this, in fact, is modest by today’s standards money – 67 million dollars a year (or 90 million – Navalny also mentions the figure in rubles – 100 billion)! Even a middle-class Russian oligarch can afford such expenses for a long time. This is not $ 1 billion 200 million, which the same Abramovich paid “one-time” for his yacht Eclipse (and this is not his only yacht!) And not even the $ 190 million paid to him for the Chelsea football club.

And all this is an investigation, against the background of what such individuals as were doing with the Russian budget Berezovsky, Gusinsky, Smolensk and other “seven-bankers” Yeltsin is just a penny. Especially if you look at the percentage of these costs not only from the country’s budget, but from the budget of the companies that transferred this money. In the 90s, the “seven bankers” “sawed down” almost a third of the country’s budget and cost Russia a terrible price – a collapsed economy, default, a decrease in the population by a million a year and the actual loss of sovereignty.

At the same time, the “seven bankers” simply took money out of the country, not investing anything either in the economy, or in infrastructure, or in education, or in medicine, or in defense.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the corrupt officials such as Berezovsky or Gusinsky and the drunken alcoholic Yeltsin, who is sane only for a few hours a day, the Russians preferred Putin and his “nationally oriented” oligarchs, such as the Kovalchuk, Rotenberg, Sechin, Yakunin, Timchenko, Alekperov, who understand very well that without Russia and outside Russia, they will not be oligarchs for long. This means that you need to protect yourself – to invest in the country, build factories, develop deposits. In fact, the era of Putin is the era of “national” capitalism.

All of this is absent from Navalny’s investigations. He’s afraid to touch the theme of Yeltsin’s Russia, how the legacy of the USSR was robbed, how millions of people donated by those who today wear respectable “sponsors” of the same Navalny – Khodorkovsky eg…

Navalny has only one goal – Putin and his group. He simply does not notice others. And this is cunning! And I don’t believe him! Not his revelations, but his goals. In 1989-1991, I have already seen such exposers of the “communist regime” and investigators of its crimes. Then they managed to confuse millions of heads and people themselves crushed their country. Today those who are behind Navalny, who cover him, want to repeat this trick again. And this is so obvious that I am simply amazed at those who headlong and with their pants up, runs after FBK *. The fairy tale about the piper from Hamelin is about you!

… I will not even argue with the thesis that this palace is being built for Putin. So be it! There are many indications that this is not an ordinary beachfront villa, but a highly protected property.

But the question arises, was Putin in this palace at least once? It is unfinished – will they tell me? Strange! The bridge to Crimea was built in just three years, and the palace near Gelendzhik was not


For me, the answer is obvious – this facility is not being built for the current president of Russia! Therefore, no one is in a hurry to finish building it. The president and without him has many different presidential villas, palaces, estates. But they are all government facilities. Knowing Putin, you perfectly understand that he will not appropriate them after leaving big politics. Not his style!

And then the construction of an object near Gelendzhik takes on a completely different meaning. This palace is being built not for the president of Russia, but for a private person – an expresident. And in this capacity it is quite logical.

But, if he appears in it only after leaving the presidency, and it is built on private investments, then what does Navalny really blame Putin for? In a bribe he didn’t receive? Which he doesn’t use? Doesn’t own? I am not a defender of Putin. This whole story is disgusting to me personally. And I am perfectly aware that the Yeltsin era in Russia is not over, and the comprador thief of the 90s – the oligarchs who divided the country’s wealth into their pockets and squeezed hundreds of billions of dollars out of it into foreign accounts today were replaced by “nationally oriented” oligarchs, personally loyal to President Putin. They are not trying to hide money in offshore areas, knowing full well that in the outbreak of the war with the most powerful world empire, they will all be found, dragged into public space and then taken away. Therefore, they no longer build palaces on the Cote d’Azur or Miami, but build them on the Black Sea coast, on Lake Baikal, on the Baltic coast, in the Moscow region or near St. Petersburg. And it is right! But now it is they who own the resources that should belong to the entire Russian people.

And yet I see how slowly but steadily this ferocious camp liberal dictatorship, built in the 90s on the blood and tragedy of tens of millions of my compatriots, is changing. As whole classes of thieves are cut off from the feeders, as there is less and less space at the corruption trough. How are the courts going against those who yesterday were considered inviolable. And I perfectly understand that soon the turn will come to those who today seem to be celestials.

But I am not ready for this to destroy my country again, as it was in 1991. I do not want to jump on this rake for the second time and will do everything so that it does not happen again.

Everything has its limits. And the fight against corrupt officials too! Don’t use tanks to stop bank robbers. Nobody calls to destroy the United States by catching Biden’s son on corruption. In one thing, Navalny is right – public reaction, civil protest is something that any government will “hear”. But not civil confrontation, not riots and not calling people to “revolution”. We have exhausted the limit on revolution long ago!

… What struck me in the film? Bad taste! Grotesque, heavy, dull tastelessness of the “palace” under construction. Perhaps this is for me the main sign that the current era is also coming to an end.

This is not a palace of the 21st century, not a Krutikovsky “flying city”, not an Efremov city of the future – but a sad, pompous fake for the “eighteenth century.” With eagles, cupids, grotesque Empire style, marbles and alcoves. Nepman’s vulgarity! There is simply nothing to do with all this junk in the 21st century! And this is also a problem of modern Russia – the lack of an image of the future! Just back to the past …

However, as Abdula once said in The White Sun of the Desert, “what else is needed to meet old age?”

And we will go the other way!

* In 2019, the Ministry of Justice included the non-profit organization Anti-Corruption Fund in the list of foreign agents receiving money from abroad

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