Oct 15, 2021
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“I didn’t expect”: Anastasia Reshetova was touched by Timati’s words

Recently, very convincing information about the identity of the married lover Anastasia Reshetova appeared on the network. The model herself rushed to make excuses, stating that all this is a blatant lie.

Timati also did not stand aside, he spoke about Reshetova’s new novel, but it is not clear who the artist called a mongrel, his ex or the wife of her alleged lover? Anastasia pretended that Timati nevertheless stood up for her, as for the mother of her son.

“I didn’t expect it myself. But this manly is very correct. He stood up for the mother of the child. Moreover, he knows the truth about me and knows that all this heresy is nothing more than the chatter of envious women (and men too), and someone is being led to it, ”Reshetova replied to her subscribers.

In fact, whom the artist supported in his post is not completely clear.

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