Dec 29, 2020
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I decided on the enemies: Biden announced the danger from Russia and China

Joe Biden. Photo: Biden Campaign via CNP /

Washington is going to modernize the defense system

New American leader Joe Biden spoke about which countries, in his opinion, pose a threat to Washington. According to an already established American tradition, Moscow and Beijing were classified as potential enemies.

The White House expects that the two states will begin to obstruct and throw down “strategic challenges” to America. To survive, the United States must significantly update its defense strategy, the new president is convinced.

The Americans need changes in this area in order to be able to successfully combat “future aggression.” Biden’s speech was broadcast by NBC.

By the way, recently Russian expert Valery Mironov noted that Biden would most likely prefer political agreements with our country to sanctions against Russia. So, in his opinion, disconnecting Moscow from the international payment system SWIFT can be compared to a shot in the leg for Washington.

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