Feb 16, 2021
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“I am writing and my hands are shaking.” Famous gymnast diagnosed with cancer

Gymnast Valeria Yuzvyak 21 years old and she is quoted in her sport. In 2018, the girl became the bronze medalist of the World Championship, in 2019 she also became the third at the European Games, and last 2020 she managed to win gold medals in the five-ball exercise in the team competition as part of the Ukrainian national team.

Recently, the athlete has dropped out of sight of her many fans a little. And in the last post on Instagram, I decided to tell you why it happened and what happened. The reason turned out to be terrible – Valeria admitted that she had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor, the doctors diagnosed her as rhabdomyosarcoma.

“Hello everyone! To be honest, I am writing and my hands are shaking … I was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma. I know that there are many kind and helpful people among you, so I want to ask you for financial help, because the amount is really very large. Thank you very much in advance. I love you all. Be healthy, ”Yuzvyak wrote on the social network.

In addition, the girl said that, according to doctors, she has great chances of recovery, but for this it is necessary to undergo expensive treatment in Germany.

Gymnast Valeria Yuzvyak began performing in the adult national team of Ukraine in 2017 and immediately managed to win several medals. So, this season at the World Cup she managed to win in exercises with a rope and balls (stage in Baku), hoop and jump ropes with balls (stage in Sofia). A dozen more silver and bronze medals were won in the first season.

Valeria’s main achievement today is her victory at the 2020 European Championship in team exercises and in exercises with balls. In the same place, the gymnast also took bronze in the team all-around and silver in exercises with clubs and a hoop.

Yuzvyak began doing gymnastics in Uzhgorod, and the decision about this was made in many respects spontaneously – after watching TV.

“I watched TV with my mother and ended up on a sports channel, which broadcasted rhythmic gymnastics competitions,” said the athlete. – Well, and as it usually happens, I began to say that I can do that too and want to be able to do it even better. So they took me to gymnastics. In sports, my idol has always been and is Anna Bessonova… I strive for such a technique with an apparatus, grace and, of course, such magnificent jumps. Outside of sports, I would like to adopt some character traits from Irina Deryugina“.

What is rhabdomyosarcoma?

The diagnosis given by the doctors to the gymnast was rhabdomyosarcoma. A rare malignant neoplasm of immature striated muscle tissue. It is usually localized in skeletal muscles, but it can also be located in other soft tissues: in the retroperitoneal tissue, mediastinal tissue, in the nasopharynx, on the face, in the area of ​​the biliary or urinary tract, etc. It is manifested by deformation of the affected area and symptoms of compression of nearby organs. With distant metastasis, signs of dysfunction of the corresponding organs are revealed. The diagnosis is made on the basis of clinical data, the results of instrumental and laboratory studies. Complex treatment: operations, radiotherapy, chemotherapy (Source: Beauty and Medicine).

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