Jan 10, 2022
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“I am the enemy.” Blogger Danya Milokhin recognized as a threat to Ukraine

Dania Milokhin.

Years go by, a lot changes, and only the line of the Ukrainian authorities to fight the pernicious Russian influence remains unchanged. The border guards of Nezalezhnaya do not lose their vigilance during the January post-New Year hangover.

“We flew into Kiev, and we are being held captive”

This time, the Ukrainian security forces stopped an attempt to penetrate the territory of the country of a Russian tiktoker and video blogger Dani Milokhin.

Milokhin arrived at the Kiev airport “Boryspil”, but failed to pass passport control, as he said on his Instagram.

“Dude, it’s 4:48 now, we’ve been sitting here for 2 hours or 1.5 hours. There is still left to sit here until six, well, in short, a lot. We flew into Kiev, and we are being held captive, ”the blogger said.

He later posted the following message: “Dude, they didn’t let me in. I am the enemy. We were turned back. “

As of the morning of January 10, there is no official information about why Milokhin was not allowed into Nezalezhnaya. The blogger’s subscribers suggest that this may be due to a visit to Crimea, since this reason is most often used by Ukrainian border guards to refuse entry.

An orphan who became a star and a millionaire: who is Danya Milokhin?

Daniil Milokhin, a 20-year-old native of Orenburg, was brought up first in an orphanage, and then in a foster family. In 2019, while working as a waiter in Anapa, he started to maintain an account on TikTok, and this undertaking soon turned him into a real star and a wealthy man.

Today Milokhin has over 16 million subscribers on TikTok, as well as over 3.6 million on Instagram. But, unlike other bloggers, Dania very quickly expanded the scope of his activities, including those who are far from being attached to the Internet. In 2020, Milokhin began his musical career, and today in his luggage there are duets with Timati and Dzhigan, Nikolai Baskov, Maruv, the Mumiy Troll group and other performers.

Even more popularity Milokhin brought participation in the TV show “Ice Age”, where his partner on the ice was two-time world champion and Olympic medalist in figure skating Evgenia Medvedev. The pair eventually finished in third place, winning the Audience Award.

In 2021, Ukraine set a record for Russians not allowed through

Almost simultaneously with Milokhin, another Russian actor was not allowed into Independence Vyacheslav Chepurnenko, famous for the TV series “Beetles”. By the way, Chepurnenko, like Milokhin, was a participant in the Ice Age show. The artist’s fault was that he visited Crimea without the permission of the Kiev authorities.

In December 2021, the speaker of the State Border Service of Ukraine Andrey Demchenko reported on a new record – over 6,600 Russians were not allowed into the country in 12 months, while in 2020 there were only 2,800 of them. Demchenko explained the significant growth by the fact that “control over the identification of persons who may pose a threat to Ukraine has been strengthened at checkpoints. “.

We must give the debt to the Ukrainian structures – they regularly fill up the lists of “enemies” with persons who are the last to be suspected of being a threat.

Elena Sparrow.

Sparrow of special danger

For example, in 2017, a comedian was not allowed into the country. Elena Sparrow. Sparrow herself spoke about this by posting a video on Instagram.

“Here, I’m sitting at the airport in Kiev,” said the actress. – An unpleasant story, they didn’t let me out. It is a pity, a pity for the people of Kiev, the viewers who bought tickets were going to go to see a cool comedy, a premiere. But m … ki are to blame for everything. They are all around, you know, they surrounded us. “

“Now they get information from the Internet, they will soon start reading what is written on the fence,” said Sparrow. “Well done! .. The law on who can enter here and who cannot, reminds me very much of the shameful Berlin Wall and Palestinian-Israeli relations, in general, nothing good.”

Then the singer got into a similar situation. Lolita Milyavskaya, which was simply taken off the train in Konotop. “I cannot visit my child, who is sick, because I am denied entry to Ukraine,” Lolita said. A visit to the Crimea was indicated as the reason for the refusal for a native of Transcarpathia.

Lolita Milyavskaya.

“Again?”: How Glucose was humiliated

In 2020, the singer became a participant in an unpleasant scene. Natalia Ionova, she is Glucose. Moreover, in this case, the Ukrainian border guards released a whole video report about what happened.

“What year were you in Crimea for the last time?” – the border service officer asks Glucose.

“About seven years ago, probably,” the singer replies.

Then Glucose is reminded that in 2014 she was present in the Crimea at the Five Stars festival.

The artist admits that she really was, and adds: “I don’t know if it was a holiday or not. For me it was just a TV shoot. “

Further, the Ukrainian border guards, getting a clear pleasure from the humiliation of the Russian woman, begin to ask her questions about how and with what plane she flew to Crimea.

It is interesting that at first the conversation with Glucose is conducted in Russian. But here’s the question: “How do you feel about the occupation of Crimea by the Russian Federation?” is given in Ukrainian.

“I have nothing to do with it,” says Ionova. – I’m out of politics. But for me to be able to be in Ukraine is much more important … But Crimea is Ukrainian! “

But attempts to please the artist did not help. In the next shot, Ionova is announced: “You are banned from entering Ukraine for three years.” “Again?” The singer asks.

Some people can: how Dobronravov and Basta were forbidden, but became allowed

When Vladimir Zelensky replaced in the presidential chair Petro PoroshenkoMany believed that the practice of restricting cultural figures would be changed. Moreover, Zelensky himself had previously condemned the non-admission of Russian artists into the country. But in reality, almost nothing has changed, and the number of “enemies of Ukraine” is only growing.

Although not everything is so simple – some people manage to enter Ukraine, despite visiting Crimea and views that are far from the official line of Kiev.

For example, a Russian actor Fedor Dobronravov, who played one of the main roles in the TV series “Matchmakers”, under Petro Poroshenko he had a ban on entry to Independence. Under Zelensky, he was removed, despite the fact that Dobronravov continued to visit Crimea and publicly called the annexation of the peninsula to Russia legal.

The key factor was that Svatov was produced by the Kvartal 95 studio, to which the current Ukrainian president is directly involved.

Fedor Dobronravov.

Rapper Vasily Vakulenko, he is Basta, he did not act in “Matchmakers”, but in relation to him, the Ukrainian authorities changed their anger to mercy. In 2017, the performer was barred from entering Ukraine for three years because of concerts he gave in Crimea, open support for the annexation of Crimea to Russia, and also because of filming a film on the territory of the peninsula as a Russian officer.

In September 2020, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine announced that there were no more restrictions for Vakulenko. A 2021 BastaDespite the indignation of the radicals, he performed with full houses in Kiev and Odessa. Who exactly gave the green light to the performer is not completely clear, but it is clear that it was someone very influential.

Danya Milokhin, apparently, in Ukraine does not yet have fans at the government level. So his fans from Nezalezhnaya can only watch the idol in the vastness of the World Wide Web.

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