Oct 13, 2020
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“I am not Juliet, but evil rock.” Trusova avenged the scandalous refereeing

The Moscow stage of the Russian Cup was awaited with great impatience. It was here that for the first time a duel between two coaches really had to unfold. - Evgeny Plushenko and Eteri Tutberidze. And the main attention was focused on the performance Alexandra Trusova, which replaced the Khrustalny skating rink in the spring with the Angels Plushenko school.

Day one: judicial scandal

The first Saturday day of performances, on which the skaters had to skate a short program, was marked by a grandiose referee scandal. The first two places were taken by Tutberidze's charges - Kamila Valieva and Daria Usacheva. Moreover, the leader lacked only 0.35 points to improve the world record. Alena Kostornaya... As for Trusova, she remained third. And this extremely angered her coach Evgeni Plushenko:

“Sasha, you are a very clever girl, today you took a step forward, fought to the end! Tomorrow is a new day and a new start! Let's fight! And I don’t want to comment on your today's points! The entire world figure skating community already understands everything! " - wrote at the end of the rentals Plushenko on his Instagram.

The bottom line is that Tutberidze's students were given bonus points for completed elements, but Trusova was not. Moreover, her grade was lowered even where she had never given any reason to doubt before. - spinning. The fans in the stands whistled the decisions of the judges not only on Trusova, but also on Stanislav Konstantinov. Either the referees burned out, or they noticed something that no one else saw. This strained everyone, except for Tutberidze's headquarters, of course.

A well-known American figure skating analyst drew attention to this. Jackie Wong, wrote on Twitter: “It's funny when one skater shows visible improvements (about Trusova) and her points for components remain the same, while the other (Valieva) shows basically the same level of skating (very high), and her points for components increase by 10 % compared to the previous season ”.

Day two: failure of a leader

It cannot be said that on the second day, justice prevailed, but at least after the free program everything fell into place. The leader of the first day, Valieva, thwarted her hire, losing a huge advantage over Trusova. Camila fell from a solo quadruple toe loop and a triple lutz, and then again could not perform this jump cleanly, touching the ice with her hands. Everything else was clean, but mistakes left a chance for Trusova. And she took full advantage of it. And this even in spite of two thwarted jumps - quadruple lutz and triple cascade triple lutz, - triple rittberger. This was enough to get around Valieva by almost seven points.

“I have always enjoyed jumping, teaching and doing difficult jumps. And it remains: jumping - my favorite elements of figure skating. But now I really began to like skating, we do a lot of this.

I train as always and then additionally, individually. Even tried with Dmitry Sergeevich Mikhailov skate in pairs, filmed a video. But, to be honest, I don't understand how people ride in pairs. It was interesting though.

I really pay great attention to skating right now, trying to improve. In everything.

This season, the programs I have are the way I wanted. Short - slow, I dreamed about it for a very long time. The program is about spring, when everything comes to life, the first flowers appear, leaves on trees. It's like the birth of something new.

And in an arbitrary - music from Romeo and Juliet", but I'm not Juliet, but an evil fate, an evil fate of love, that's why the music is so selected.

The dress for the program will be new. At these competitions I skated in what we were preparing for the World Championship. But it also had to be redone a little. Increased", - Trusova told the official website of the Figure Skating Federation.

It is difficult to explain what caused the failure in the second part of the program, which was in the lead after a short one Valieva. Not coping with the burden of responsibility and pressure? Perhaps this is true. And although it is generally accepted in our country that it is unusual for 14-year-olds to be afraid - they are still practically children and ride for fun, - obviously, Eteri Tutberidze has yet to work on this component of the student (as well as others), which many consider to be almost the main contender for victory at the Olympics in 2022. Her Bolero program is good, but there are still many shortcomings.

Thus, the first round of the confrontation between Tutberidze and Plushenko ended in favor of the Olympic champion. The next stage of the Russian Figure Skating Cup will be held from 23 to 27 October in Sochi.

2nd stage. Moscow. Women. Final position

1. Alexandra Trusova - 240.59

2. Kamila Valieva - 233.70

3. Daria Usacheva - 233.20

4. Anna Frolova - 201.92

5. Stanislav Konstantinov - 196.83

6. Valeria Shulskaya - 189.02

7.Maria Talalaikina - 171.58

8. Arina Onishchenko - 155.34

9. Anna Sidorova - 152.73

10. Vita Kareva - 140.35

11. Alina Zabora - 132.46

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