Jan 23, 2021
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“I am an unmoved girl”: Olga Buzova broke up with David Manukyan

After nearly a year and a half of relations between Buzov and Manukyan, they decided to disperse. Olga asked the respirators to help her through the difficult stage of life.

TV presenter Olga Buzova said on her Instagram page that she and David Manukyan broke up.

“We are no longer there. I am a free-for-all girl, ”the post says. She decided to state this bluntly in order to avoid unnecessary demands and added that “a person creates hellish and unintelligible things.”

Buzova stressed that she was going through a difficult stage in connection with the farewell, as well as with the fact that her grandmother had cancer, and her sister had not experienced a stroke so long ago.

According to Olga, she is grateful to David for the past happiness, love has not yet passed, however, a certain condition, which she chose to keep silent about, does not allow the astral couple to stay together further away.

The singer warned subscribers that she would block for questions about her ex-lover and asked to help her check her feelings.

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