Jan 29, 2021
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“I am an imperialist, I am for a great Russia, but whose palace?”

Photo: the interior of one of the bedrooms in the palace in the village of Praskoveevka in Gelendzhik district

In the photo: the interior of one of the bedrooms in the palace in the village of Praskoveevka in the Gelendzhik district (Photo: RuLeaks / TASS)

No, I believe, I believe that Navalny is led by the pro-Western forces and special services, if not directly recruited. I believe, I believe that the West wants to destroy Russia. I am an imperialist, I am for an empire, a great and wonderful Russian empire – glory to Russia!

But, whose, whose palace is it? Who owns such an unaffordable luxury in such difficult times? For what purpose? Who is this master? Who is this humble man who has earned such wealth on the coast through backbreaking work? Maybe this is a museum? Sanatorium? Orphanage? Or a casino, for example? A closed club of ruling destinies of Russia? What is the tanned Peskov silent about, sparkling with a porcelain smile?

Aren’t you overtaken by such duplicity? Has it taken away from you for an hour? On the one hand, the West is an enemy, and on the other hand, you do not hesitate to taste Western liberal values. Yachts, palaces, Maybachs, wives in furs. Yes, yes – everything is honestly earned (I believe!).

What about conservative and traditional Christian values? Here it is necessary, after all, to be determined. And then, on the one hand, Soros bares his teeth at the borders, but on the other, Dracula Gref is already in Sberbank.

We, people who have passed the 90s, are used to other people’s wealth. If only there was something and there would be no war. But our mindless youth cannot yet come to terms with the presence of such an unthinkable luxury in someone. Luxuries are dull, vulgar and vulgar. You do not beat the young growth with clubs, she is unreasonable, tabula race.

I have the next creative for power. It is necessary to clear the palace and the territory adjacent to it, and shoot from above, like planes, with the FSB inscription on the fuselage, bomb the designated paradise. Then there is no need to explain anything to the people. There is a palace and there is no palace. Is it beautiful? Handsomely. The people should like it.


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