Dec 27, 2020
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Hypnosis for Beginners: 3 Suggestion Techniques That Will Work

Hypnosis for Beginners: 3 Suggestion Techniques That Will Work

Hypnosis is a special manipulation that can lead a person into a trance state and program him for certain actions. This practice is used both in medicine and in esotericism.

The techniques of suggestion can vary, and experts recommend starting with the basics, which will help you set yourself up for success and clear your mind of blocks that hinder development. Having learned to manage yourself, it will be easier to cope with all sorts of turmoil, which hinder the attraction of success.

Hypnosis is not always about using a pendulum to go into a trance. Sometimes all you need is the right setting and the right attitude. Anyone can learn self-hypnosis. To do this, you need to choose the times, be alone with yourself and light a candle. Peering into the flame, it is necessary to free the mind from extraneous thoughts and pronounce aloud the ratifying phrases that will help tune the subconscious mind to certain actions. So, for those who are indecisive, phrases will help: “I am a strong personality”, “I am not subject to manipulation.” Words can be whatever is appropriate for any particular occasion.

Entering a foreign person into a trance will be difficult to take, so you need to practice continuously. For this, their own voice is recorded on the recorder. Power-hungry intonations, intelligible formulations and precise words will help to instill in yourself the necessary attitudes. Before pronouncing them, it is dignified to record the first part – the introduction to hypnosis. A few sentences spoken in a serene, serene voice will help you relax and heed your attitudes. In this part, phrases are used more heavily in total: “You are lying on the seashore, warm sun rays, soft wind and the rustle of waves relax. Vezhy is getting heavy and you want to sleep … “. Then they write down the attitudes themselves, which may be based on a desire to overcome bad fashions, become more fearless, decide on something new.

Another technique of suggestion is through images. For any particular case, it is necessary to select images that will help to tune the subconscious mind to certain thoughts. Looking at the proposed images, they think in a positive way, looking for cute moments on the proposed photos, programming themselves for success. According to this principle, you can make a map of desires, meditate on it, plunging into a trance, memorizing every detail and tuning in to achieve the desired, displayed in the pictures.

Hypnosis is a complex and serious science, which has been studied for years in order to master the art of controlling the human subconscious. For those who want to master these techniques, it is dignified to start with exercises that increase confidence, to engage in suggestion, turning with a voice.

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