Jun 19, 2022
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Hypersensitivity: what to do about it

Hypersensitivity: what to do about it

Why am I so sensitive? Perhaps you often ask yourself this question. Genetics play a role in why some people are more sensitive than others. But the environment plays an even bigger role. That’s what psychotherapist Amy Morin thinks.

Why are you so sensitive?

Childhood experiences can have the biggest impact on how sensitive a person is. The way he was brought up, his school experience and how others treated him are of great importance.

For example, if someone grew up in a caring and loving home, that person is more likely to grow up to be a caring person.

On the other hand, if a person grew up in a complex family environment where, for example, trust is a major issue, he will be very sensitive to issues of trust.

4 signs that you are a very sensitive person

  • You deeply feel emotions (both your own and those of others).
  • You spend a lot of time thinking about what others say or think about you.
  • Your environment (noise, people, even light) affects your mood.
  • You are especially demanding of yourself.

What to do about hypersensitivity?

High sensitivity is similar to other traits, such as being tall. This is not your fault. Psychotherapist Amy Morin generally believes that this can become your superpower.

What’s good about being overly sensitive:

  1. There are many positive qualities in highly sensitive people. You tend to be caring, empathetic and loving.
  2. You will empathize with people better because you capture their emotions. This can help you develop deeper relationships because people will feel like you understand them better.

Is it worth it to fight?

If you are very sensitive, accept it, and don’t see it as a character flaw or something that needs to be corrected. Of course, this sensitivity can drain you.

Consider changing your environment to better suit your needs. For example, work in a quiet place, reduce the amount of time you spend on social media. “This will help you save some of your energy for the most important tasks,” Morin says.

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