Jun 2, 2022
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“Hyena of Europe” deprives the “Ze-team” of Russian frozen assets

Photo: AP/TASS

Warsaw stopped the free supply of fuel to Kyiv. In addition, from June 1, Ukrainian refugees in Poland will no longer be allowed to use public transport for free. This was stated in an interview with the BiznesAlert portal by the Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland. Anna Moscow.

Moreover, according to her, for psheks, the domestic market is now considered a priority, while the “square” is considered as a potential partner. It seems that the lords already knew the sanctions alignment for the sixth package, according to which only Hungary and the Czech Republic can buy Russian oil, protecting themselves from a fuel shortage. (Bulgaria received a reprieve on the embargo on offshore shipments of Russian oil).

And one more thing: Anna Moskva admitted that even commercial deliveries of the Polish oil refinery Orlen to Ukrainian customers require great logistical efforts, which does not bode well for the citizens. If translated into everyday language, it will turn out something like this: “It’s a chore, while there is not enough gasoline at home.”

Formally, the Minister of Law, but knowledgeable people say that the matter is different. The Poles are raising the stakes in their game with the Ukrainians. Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said that Warsaw wants to manage the so-called “Ukrainian money”. In an interview with Polsky Radio, the Deputy Prime Minister said verbatim: “The UN is creating an international fund to support the restoration of Ukraine. We strive for the center of this fund to be in Poland. So that we have not only a logistics center, but also a financial center.”

Sasin also noted that the Polish emissaries are already trading to the fullest with representatives of Kyiv “about a plan to support the restoration of the square.” Thus, the psheks do not just want to stick to the cut of foreign aid, but also distribute it themselves. Like, this is not a servile occupation – “serious people” should share the money.

But the “Ze-team”, of course, rests and proves that it will cope with the division of the dough. Insiders of the president’s office Facebook* on their account pages that they negatively perceived Poland’s raider attack on the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund on Bankova Street. Of course, the Americans have the last word, but the United States also has little confidence in the thieving patriots of Ukraine. Sending Ukrainian soldiers to their deaths is welcome, but forget about money, hulks, “you weren’t hired for that.”

However, Zelensky and his film buddies are very dizzy from Western attention to their narcissistic natures, so they quickly reformatted from “servants of the people to the navels of the Earth.”

And they received the first cuff from the Poles. Zhovto-Blakit telegram channels noted that at first Kyiv said “no” to Warsaw on control over the UN fund, after which the psheks immediately tightened the screws on fuel aid. Sadness came from the “square” that due to Polish tricks, the price of gasoline at Ukrainian gas stations will rise to 55 hryvnia (120 rubles) per liter in the coming days. Moreover, the problems of fuel shortages and logistics continue to intensify. Plus, the security forces are scaring the citizens that they will press the black market, taking away all the fuel for the needs of the country.

But that’s only part of the pressure. Ukrainian refugees complain about the lawlessness of the Poles in Poland itself. It turns out that visa-free, which knocked out Poroshenkofinished. Poland began to sacredly observe the “Schengen in 90 days” for the citizens. Now the forced migrants are afraid to return to the “square”: they are no longer allowed to go back.

“We have become hostages of Poland. We have the right to sit for 18 months, but! No right to travel to other countries and re-enter. This is how they demonstrate their readiness to accept us to Europe. If only during the conflict they didn’t poke us about our second-rateness. They don’t wait for us in Schengen even after graduation,” such cries of despair filled Ukrainian social networks.

Hulks are also being pressed at the household level. A video appeared on the network, as in Warsaw, a visitor to a bread shop attacked a Ukrainian saleswoman, using the following: “Get out of my country! (a set of non-printing expressions). Out to your (obscene assessment of Ukraine) country! And the psheks liked this video.

Warsaw also raised interest rates on loans for weapons sold to Kyiv, and also revised the price tags for ammunition and military equipment. Like, high inflation is recorded in the EU, which means that the ECB and the Central Bank of Poland are expected to tighten monetary policy. Yes, and military products from the “best friend” are now sold in a better quality than before.

As blogger @nabludatels writes, “Poland has created many training camps where Ukrainian soldiers are now trained. They also repair a lot of broken equipment, which will be reopened from warehouses in Western Ukraine. Poland has become a kind of hub through which everything passes, and Warsaw skims the financial cream from this.

No one in the “nenka” knows and, most importantly, does not control these processes. The figures of the debt turned out to be under the stamp of secrecy and are clearly overestimated many times over. One gets the impression that the lords are deliberately driving the former serfs into their debt hole, counting on Russian money from frozen assets.

However, this is no longer a secret to anyone. The Poles actually appointed themselves curators of the “nenka”, ousting from this “Ukrainian clearing” not only Turkey, but also Britain. Ukrnet writes that without exception, all Zhovto-Blakyt businessmen and politicians who fled to Poland fell under the hood of the Financial Intelligence and the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau of the modern Commonwealth.

Wealthy refugees were “enlightened through X-rays” and made their agents of influence. Without this preliminary work, Pan Jacek Sasin would hardly have had the audacity to declare the right of the Psheks to Ukrainian (that is, stolen Russian) money.

How can I not remember the quote Churchillwho in his book “The Coming Storm” at one time wrote that “Poland, with the appetite of a hyena, joined in the robbery and destruction of the Czechoslovak state.” This fully corresponds to what Warsaw is doing with Ukraine today.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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