Nov 5, 2021
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Husband’s children from his first marriage: conflicts and misunderstandings

Husband's children from his first marriage: conflicts and misunderstandings

Useful advice to a wife on how to behave with her husband’s children will be described in the article.

The husband’s children from his first marriage quite often become the cause of contention in the relationship of a new family.

Circumstances can develop in different ways

Some husbands try to see their children from their first marriage as often as possible and give them gifts that they do not give their children from a second marriage. Accordingly, on the part of the real wife, grievances and claims arise against her husband that he pays little attention and care to the new family.

But, dear girls and women, before you blame your beloved, think about the reasons for his behavior.

Often the reason for such actions can be your husband’s feeling of guilt towards the abandoned child. After all, if you look at it, then the child from the first marriage is deprived of a full-fledged family and does not quite understand the complexity of your relationship.

Therefore, a conscientious and conscientious father tries to compensate for the damage to the child’s psyche with expensive gifts.

There are also situations when everything is exactly the opposite. The father completely breaks off contact with his children from his first marriage and directs all his attention and care to the new family. But is this normal?

Even if the mother and father do not live together, the children from the first marriage still require joint upbringing and they are not guilty of the current situation between the parents.

Sometimes there are situations when the first spouse of your husband begins to go to extremes and commit inappropriate actions. Thus, she will try to harm you and hurt you.

To begin with, she can forbid her father to see the child, or, on the contrary, call her ex-husband every day and tell everything down to the smallest detail about the child, nourishing the hope, thus, to return him to the family.

It is quite natural that you will not like these contacts, but do not rush to despair or fall into aggression. It is difficult to understand another person until you yourself find yourself in his place.

Well, in cases where the situation is not extreme, then let your husband see the child from his first marriage. After all, if you put barriers and prohibitions, it will provoke conflicts in your family.

What to do if the husband’s children from his first marriage behave inappropriately

First you need to understand and understand the reason for this behavior. After all, it is quite possible that the first wife, before sending the child to visit you, told him that dad lives with a new aunt and that she is bad and evil, and also stole dad from us.

Therefore, do not rush to get angry with the child, who in such situations can play the role of a manipulator.

In the end, the most correct decision will be a philosophical and patient approach. No matter how hard you try, the situation cannot be changed, and the fruits of past actions are children from the first marriage.

They did not choose their parents, but the parents should be responsible for the upbringing of their children.

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