Aug 17, 2022
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Husband saves wife who choked on a meatball

wife choked on a meatballMisfortune lay in wait for Jennifer Bryant in her own kitchen, because the woman accidentally choked on a meatball.

wife choked on a meatball

However, her husband Stefan was well aware of what and how to do. The couple’s daughter screamed in fear, but her father told her to calm down, because the man knows that in such cases, panic is the worst helper. The house has a special life-saving device called “LifeVac”. Armed with an item designed just for such situations, Stefan applied the LifeVac to Jennifer’s mouth, pressed the plunger a couple of times, and the woman’s airway was safely cleared.

wife choked on a meatball

This is not the first time that the LifeVac device has helped save lives, so many people believe that it should be in every home. After all, any of us can choke.

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