Nov 1, 2022
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Husband of Victoria Isakova spoke about the death of his daughter


Actress Victoria Isakova lost her three-month-old daughter.

Yuri Moroz for the first time frankly spoke about the horror through which he and his wife Victoria Isakova had to go through in 2003. In that year, the director married an actress, and then their family became even larger: Moroz became the father of a charming girl named Marina. As it turns out later, the child was born with a rare genetic disease. It was only in Germany that the couple could make a correct diagnosis for their daughter, but it was already too late.

Frost says that he experienced truly terrible moments of his life when his newborn child was dying in his arms. He still has not been able to come to terms with the heavy loss and does not understand how one can accept this situation at all. The 66-year-old director called the incident a blow, after which it is difficult to stand on his feet. He shared his personal experiences on the air of the Russia-1 channel.

Victoria Isakova with her husband - photo from the archive -
Victoria Isakova with her husband

The child leaves in your arms. She seems to fall asleep in your arms. When you’re not ready, I don’t know how to survive“, – said the director on the set of the show “Life and Fate” with Boris Korchevnikov.

After some time, the couple decided to have another child. For several years, information about the addition to the family was strictly classified. Only in 2018, Isakova began to publish on the Web pictures of her second daughter, Varvara, who at that time was already three years old.

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