Jul 1, 2020
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Husband of Polina Gagarina called the national stage miserable

Dmitry Iskhakov also hinted that he was going to go on the show "the Voice."

Husband of Polina Gagarina, fashion photographer Dmitry Iskhakov for the first time after rumors of a divorce from singer published a post in Instagram. He decided to tell subscribers what he thinks about his poems, and at the same time and on the national stage.

Poems husband Polina Gagarina puts on the court of public opinion is not the first time, but this time the photographer said that he thinks about his work. Dimitri reasoned that his poems don't hurt anyone and since "passed internal censorship," he should not be ashamed of them. Fully agree with him his followers who find his work is very profound and is compared to a breath of fresh air. However, poetry is not the only thing that concerned her husband Gagarina.

In his post Dmitry spoke about the quality of Russian pop and called it miserable. Then said: "Wait for me at the next voice... Or through one." Apparently, Dimitri has a view of is the show "the Voice", where talented artists get the opportunity to work with star nastavkom and make its way to pop stardom.

It is not clear how the husband of Polina Gagarina will be a talented performer, and after he called the national stage the poor, all the more strange to hear such.

Shura Altschul

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