May 14, 2020
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Husband millionaire filed for divorce and chases Mary-Kate Olsen from home

Муж-миллионер подал на развод и выгоняет Мэри-Кейт Олсен из дома

According to a number of Western media, one of the famous twin sisters 17 - summer Mary-Kate Olsen divorces her husband, multimillionaire Olivier Sarkozy, who is the brother of the former head of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. At the same time, the still-chosen one intends to expel the designer from their home.

Recall that the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started as actresses, starring in numerous films for teenagers. However, later the first was re-qualified as a designer, while the second continued her career in cinema.

Mary-Kate Olsen, who until a certain moment did not hide the details of her turbulent personal life, met her future husband at one of the parties, and three years later they were married. At the same time, the lovers were not embarrassed by the considerable age difference in 05 years. After the wedding, the designer “settled down” and began to lead the life of a respectable family lady, but apparently, something went wrong.

Photo: The reason for the divorce is still unknown

So, the couple decided to divorce, but so far this is not possible because of the coronavirus epidemic. Nevertheless, Olivier Sarkozy is determined, because he drives the chosen one out into the street. The millionaire stopped paying for the huge apartment in New York, where Mary-Kate Olsen now lives, so she should move out of there the next week.

Singer Emin Agalarov announced the divorce earlier.


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