Jun 17, 2022
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Husband Glucose court seized property


The wife of the singer Glucose had financial problems.

Only the day before, on June 16, singer Glucose and her husband celebrated their wedding anniversary and delighted fans with romantic shots, and today it turned out that everything is not going so smoothly for the star couple. Two years ago, the oil company Ruspetro, headed by Alexander Chistyakov, went bankrupt, owing the bank an impressive amount of 11 billion rubles.

To solve this difficult situation, a bankruptcy trustee was sent to the company, setting him the task of finding the necessary funds to pay off the debt. He zealously got down to business and found out that top managers were accrued unreasonably high salaries and bonuses, which they were now required to return. Chistyakov also fell into the field of view of the inspector: they intend to recover a lot of money from him in the amount of 62.6 million rubles, which he received, presumably, from 2016 to 2019.

Singer Glucose - photo from the archive -
Singer Glucose – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Glukoza’s husband was sued with a demand to seize his property and financial assets for the specified amount, and the ministers of Themis satisfied the claims of creditors. During the proceedings, Chistyakov managed to defend his savings, so so far only his property has been seized. However, it is still difficult to say how this story will end – the businessman will face long legal battles, the nearest of which is scheduled for June 20, writes KP.

It is worth noting that Chistyakov is no stranger to litigation. So, last year, he and his wife were involved in proceedings due to the failure of the cartoon Savva at the box office. A billion rubles was spent on the picture, but it did not justify the money spent. Meanwhile, the couple, together with a partner, received 50 million rubles for promotion, but they did not pay the money for the advertising company in full and returned the debt of 26 million rubles only after a court order.

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