Oct 26, 2021
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Husband and wife quarreled over children’s unicorn costume

baby unicorn costumeThese parents decided in advance to prepare a costume for their little son, which on Halloween will go along with other children to beg for sweets.

baby unicorn costume

But what was supposed to bring joy turned into a quarrel between the spouses. A five-year-old boy is very fond of unicorns, and he wished for a costume depicting this fairy-tale character. But the father said a firm “no”, criticizing the choice as not boyish and telling his son that he should dress up as Spider-Man or, for example, Superman. Mom felt sorry for the upset son and still bought him a unicorn outfit, so now the husband not only quarreled with her for turning the son into a girl, but also stopped talking to her altogether.

baby unicorn costume

Users of social networks with whom the lady shared her experiences completely sided with her. The Pope should rethink the stereotypes that many consider outdated. Moreover, people are perplexed about the fact that the unicorn was attributed to the girly characters. People are sure that the unicorn is a fabulous horse with a horn, and it can be liked by both boys and girls.

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