Jan 10, 2021
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“Hunt” for the President: what could be behind the blocking of Trump’s accounts on American social networks

Twitter indefinitely blocked the microblogging of the current US President “due to the risk of further incitement to violence.” This angered Donald Trump, who said Twitter was “increasingly restricting freedom of speech.” He believes that the social network acted against him “in agreement with the Democrats and the radical left” in order to “silence”. The account of Trump’s campaign headquarters was also blocked. Facebook, Google and Apple also joined the campaign against the head of the White House. According to experts, the actions of these corporations indicate their political engagement and the absence in the United States of such a concept as freedom of speech.

The social network Twitter indefinitely blocked the account of the current US president due to “the risk of further incitement to violence.”

“After carefully reviewing the latest tweets posted to Donald Trump’s account and the context that accompanies them – especially how they have been received and interpreted on Twitter and beyond – we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement to violence.” the company said in a statement.

Twitter believes Trump’s use of the phrase “American patriots” as a characterization of some of his supporters “can be perceived as words of support for those who committed violent actions in the Capitol.”

“The statement that the views of his supporters“ will be of great importance for a very long time ”and that“ they will not tolerate disrespect and unfair treatment of any kind or form ”is taken as an indication that President Trump has no plans to“ transfer (power. – RT) in due order “and, instead, will continue to support and defend those who believe in his victory in the elections,” the company said.

Trump himself condemned this decision of the social network.

“I have been saying for a long time that Twitter is increasingly restricting freedom of speech, and today Twitter employees, in agreement with Democrats and radical leftists, removed my account from their platform in order to silence me – and you, 75 million wonderful patriots who voted for me, ”the CBS News TV channel quotes the president’s tweet, which was first posted on his official account and later removed by the social network along with other posts.

Trump’s message also said that he is “exploring the possibility of creating in the near future” a new platform for his statements and communication with voters.

As CBS News notes, citing a Twitter statement, if it becomes known that Trump has created a new personal account to get around the ban, then this microblogging will be banned.

The account of the Trump campaign headquarters, which previously published a tweet with the social network logo in red and with the image of a hammer and sickle, was also blocked.

Republican Senator Lindsay Graham also criticized Twitter’s measures to block the accounts of the incumbent head of the White House.

“Perhaps after these words Twitter will block me, but I am ready to accept this fate. Your decision to permanently block President Trump is a serious mistake … And it says a lot about the leadership of Twitter, ”said Graham.

Twitter may ban me for this, but I willingly accept this fate: your decision to permanently block President Trump is a serious mistake.

Ayatollah can tweet, but Trump cannot. Says a lot about the people running Twitter.

– Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) January 9, 2021

It is noteworthy that the phrase Goodbye Twitter appeared in the trends of the American segment of this social network after the blocking of Trump’s account.

At the same time, not only Twitter, but also such well-known IT companies as Facebook, Google and Apple were involved in the so-called anti-Trump campaign.

Earlier, on January 7, the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said that Trump’s social media accounts Facebook and Instagram would remain frozen until the end of his tenure as head of the White House. The entrepreneur believes that Trump intends to use the time remaining before Biden’s inauguration to undermine the peaceful and legitimate transfer of power.

The shocking events of the past 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use the remaining …

Published by Mark Zuckerberg Thursday, January 7, 2021

In addition, the largest conservative social network Parler has been removed from Google Play, and Apple has warned of its removal from the App Store within 24 hours. Both corporations require Parler to implement a moderation system. As noted by the American media, citing Apple’s letter to Parler’s management, the social network was allegedly used to coordinate a rally in Washington and the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

Democratic Information Tools

We will remind, resonant steps on the part of social networks followed the events of January 6 in Washington, when Congress was to approve the results of the presidential election. On this day, supporters of the incumbent head of the White House gathered in Washington to rally against the approval of Biden’s victory.

Prior to that, Trump had repeatedly called on his supporters to attend the event, and on January 6 he addressed them with a speech, once again calling the election results falsified.

Later, the rally grew into a siege of the Capitol, where the Congress met. The protesters broke into the building and pogrom there. The riots killed five people.

  • Riots in Washington, January 6
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After that, Democrats called for Trump to be removed from power or impeached. US President-elect Joe Biden said that those who broke into the Capitol should be treated like “domestic terrorists”, and he accused Trump of deliberately encouraging unrest in Washington.

As HSE professor Dmitry Evstafiev noted in an interview with RT, many American social networks and technology companies by their actions against Trump have once again demonstrated that they are “information tools of Democrats.”

“Twitter, Facebook, Google and other IT companies initially indicated that they would fight Trump as much as their technological capabilities allow. Therefore, it would be extremely naive to expect that after the events in Washington on January 6, Trump can count on some minimal justice from these companies, ”Yevstafiev says.

As the president of the American University in Moscow, Edward Lozansky, stated in a conversation with RT, Twitter, Facebook and other tech giants “announced a hunt for Trump to make the last shot in the back of the outgoing 45th US president.”

“His posts on Twitter and other social networks are read by a huge number of people. 75 million Americans voted for him, and there are even more subscribers on Twitter alone. IT companies and those political forces that are associated with them do not want Trump to have access to a means of communication with his supporters, ”the analyst says.

“Revolutionary expediency”

According to Dmitry Evstafiev, Twitter and other social networks “have no legal basis to ban Trump, especially for life.”

“None of his tweets or posts circulated on other social networks can legally be interpreted as a call for violence in Washington, but who cares now. The “revolutionary” expediency, ideological orientation came into effect. And everything else is a matter of technology. This suggests that there is no freedom of speech in the vastness of private media in the United States, ”says Evstafiev.

Eduard Lozansky recalled that according to American law, social networks “are not subject to legal prosecution for posting or refusing to post any materials, since it is a private structure.”

“They can afford whatever they want, unlike the mainstream media, which can be sued. Trump wanted to change this, but did not have time, ”the expert said.

In turn, the Americanist Sergei Sudakov recalled in a conversation with RT that in the United States “they never really concealed that American social networks were biased.”

“There are always points awarded to those who are profitable today. If your position is irrelevant for some reason, including political, you will be blocked. If you share Zuckerberg’s views, you will be fine, if not, everything will be different. The tech companies that own these social networks have become part of the domestic political process in the United States. Try to say something objectionable about Biden, you will be instantly banned, depriving you of any chance to restore your account, ”the analyst says.

According to him, such priorities predetermined the fact that moderators began to work in American networks, “tracking objectionable content.”

“Therefore, to say that there is at least some kind of freedom of speech in American social networks, that one can hear different points of view on the same problem, would be absolutely wrong,” he said.

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Sergey Sudakov also added that the management of IT corporations is not at all concerned with the fact that such restrictions contradict the declared freedom of speech.

“They don’t care about it. Everyone just learned to change their shoes in the air, ”says the analyst.

Eduard Lozansky, in turn, predicted that Trump “will try to promote his own platform for communicating with supporters.”

“On one Twitter, the light did not converge. Those who were with the 45th US President on this social network will follow him to another platform – the possibilities of the Internet are not limited here, ”concluded Lozansky.

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