Jan 7, 2022
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Hungry ostriches took away a glass of food from the baby

baby and hungry ostrichesA little boy named Bauer loved the trip to an ostrich farm in Holbrook, Arizona, USA.

baby and hungry ostriches

Especially the one-year-old baby was amused by the process of feeding the hungry birds, which, sticking their heads out from behind the fence, eagerly pecked food from the glass held out to them. At some point, Rebecca, Bauer’s mother, decided that she could let the child feed the birds on her own.

baby and hungry ostriches

But the ostriches were not devoid of ingenuity and quickly realized that children’s hands do not hold a tempting glass too tightly. So one of the enterprising ostriches quickly took the cup away from the baby. By the way, this did not bother the boy at all – moreover, the incident seemed to him even more comical than the feeding itself. Of course, the video with childish joy turned out to be quite cute, but some viewers still condemned the mother, who allowed such close communication of a small child with unpredictable large birds. However, the main thing in this situation is that nothing terrible happened.

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