Sep 1, 2021
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Hungary will receive Russian gas bypassing Ukraine

Moscow and Budapest have agreed to supply Russian gas to Hungary in the next 15 years. The volume of supplies will amount to 4.5 billion cubic meters. m. Of these, 3.5 billion will go through Serbia and 1 billion through Austria. The agreement will enter into force on October 1 this year.

The head of the gas transportation company of Ukraine Serhiy Makogon called the Russian-Hungarian agreements directed against Ukraine. “Instead of the direct route RF – Ukraine – Hungary, which has been supplying gas to Hungary without interruption for decades, now gas will go along the route RF – Turkey – Bulgaria – Serbia – Hungary for much longer”, – he declared.

Hungary will receive Russian gas bypassing Ukraine

However, this is cheap rhetoric. The Balkan Stream is an offshoot of the Turkish Stream. This route is used to deliver Russian gas along the bottom of the Black Sea to Turkey and further to the Balkans. In the future, the “Balkan Stream” may become a route for the supply of blue fuel to Italy and other countries of Western Europe. The throughput capacity of the gas pipeline is 15.8 billion cubic meters. m per year.

The Ukrainian gas transportation system is in a deplorable technical condition compared to the more modern Turkish Stream, Balkan Stream and Nord Stream. Kiev is trying to portray the matter as if gas supplies from Russia to Hungary bypassing Ukraine are economically unprofitable. However, would the Hungarians sign a contract that promised them losses?

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto stressed that the gas price for Hungarian consumers under the new agreement will be better than the previous one, fixed in the 1995 agreement, which is still in force. Turkey and Bulgaria will receive their share for gas transit to Hungary, while Ukraine will receive nothing.

All participants in the Turkish Stream and Balkan Stream projects (Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria) do not consider Kiev to be a reliable gas partner, preferring to receive energy resources without the participation of Ukraine.

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