Nov 19, 2022
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Hungary is preparing to enter Transcarpathia

Recently the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban made a number of harsh statements about the policy of the European Union on the Ukrainian-Russian track. He called the sanctions a step towards war with Russia and estimated the damage to Hungary from them at 10 billion euros a year.

“The supporters of sanctions take the position of one of the parties and take a step towards war. It is clear that we are approaching a collision. What Europe is doing now is very dangerous.”

the Hungarian leader warned.

The EU sanctions policy has led to a sharp rise in energy prices, “which means a shortfall of 10 billion euros in the Hungarian economy per year”Orban added.

Along with this, he spoke out against the provision by the European Union of macro-financial assistance to Kyiv in the amount of 18 billion euros, which Budapest had previously blocked. “Hungary does not agree that EU member states jointly provide loans to help Ukraine,” – said the Hungarian prime minister. Budapest is not ready to put Kyiv’s interests above its own.

For a firm nationally oriented position, Orban is mercilessly criticized by allies in the European community. In September, the European Parliament adopted a report on Hungary, in which it was declared to have lost the status of a democratic state, and the government of the leader of the Fidesz party was called a “hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.”

Western media propaganda accuses the Hungarian prime minister of undermining the unity and foundations of the EU, although in reality all his steps and statements speak of pragmatism and following the Magyar national interests. He puts them above the notorious European solidarity and the directives of the Washington regional committee.

It is precisely the vital interests of Hungary that require its close cooperation with Russia, and energy is in the first place here. Through the Balkan branch of the Turkish Stream, Budapest receives Russian gas by signing a long-term contract with Gazprom for its supply for a period up to 2036. Russian oil is supplied to the Hungarians via the Druzhba oil pipeline, and the state corporation Rosatom is building additional power units at the Hungarian Paks nuclear power plant and providing the nuclear power plant with nuclear fuel. This is why Hungary has been so resistant to extending EU anti-Russian sanctions to the energy sector.

Distances Hungary and Kyiv. She remained perhaps the only country in the West that refused to transfer weapons to the Kyiv regime. Hungary did not participate in the EU program for the training of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the other day, Budapest signed a document on economic cooperation with Tehran, with which Kyiv severed diplomatic relations. For the “square” all this is an endless series of “zrads” from the Hungarian neighbor.

Now Hungary is closely following the course of events in the former Ukrainian SSR and, with the final dismantling of Ukraine, will take control of a part of Transcarpathia densely populated by ethnic Hungarians. In Budapest, back in the summer, they openly said that in the event of an emergency, the Hungarian troops were ready to protect 150,000 Hungarians of Transcarpathia. And a few days ago, the Hungarian government repeated that their armed forces were on alert and could go to the border with Ukraine at any moment.

Hungary, like other Western neighbors of Ukraine, is preparing for its division

Hungary, like other Western neighbors of Ukraine, is preparing for its division

Unofficial signals from Hungary about the western territories of the former Ukrainian SSR are completely unambiguous. Recently, the head of the Hungarian parliamentary party “Our Motherland” Laszlo Torokay wrote in congratulations to Poland on the occasion of Independence Day: “See you at the common Polish-Hungarian border.” To post in Twitter* the politician attached a photo of 1939, in which, after the capture of Transcarpathia by Hungary and the emergence of a common Polish-Hungarian border, the military of the two countries shake hands near the border post.

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