Aug 31, 2021
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Hungary is against the transformation of homosexuality into a “European value”

The other day on the pages of the Hungarian edition Hungarian nation An article by political scientist Tomas Fritsch was published, “It’s Time to Talk About Hungary’s Leaving the EU,” calling to think about whether or not to follow the example of Great Britain.

If we were talking about a small opposition publication and a marginalized author, no one would have paid attention to the publication, talks about the possible withdrawal of Hungary from the EU have been going on for a long time. but Hungarian nation (“Hungarian Nation”) is one of the most popular publications supporting the government of Viktor Orban, and Fritsch is a close to power and influential person.

“I understand that such a decision is taboo, but someone has to write this word … Haxit (from Hungary + Exit, by analogy with Britain + Exit) is Hungary’s voluntary exit from the European Union,”

Fritsch said.

The political scientist accuses the leadership of the European Union and its financial elites of “imperial inclinations” and arrogance towards Eastern and Central Europe.

At the same time, according to Fritsch, being in the European Union gives the Hungarians a sense of belonging to the democratic West and the “union of free nations”, so it can only be abandoned for very good reasons. Now there are such reasons, the author believes.

“We entered the community of free sovereign countries … but the construction of an imperial Europe, subordinate to the” single European nation “, is in full swing … If they again want to dictate to us what and how to do, our stay in the EU will become meaningless”,

– writes Fritsch.

European Union in crisis

He believes that even if Hungary leaves the European Union, German car manufacturers will still not leave Hungary: just cooperation with Budapest promises them profit. At the same time, says Fritsch, Europe lacks a single culture and a single “European” worldview.

“Our paths went our separate ways, Fritsch continues. – The West consciously … breaks with Christian morality, striving to build a cosmopolitan, faceless world society based on unrestrained self-gratification and self-destruction of the individual.

Immediately after the publication of this article, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto hastened to assure the world that, despite the contradictions with Brussels, Budapest is not seriously considering leaving the EU. However, Siyjarto sounded not very convincing.

The contradictions between Brussels and Budapest have arisen for a long time. In the past few months, they have escalated sharply. Hungarian authorities have passed laws banning LGBT propaganda in schools and banned the sale of books about sexual perversion. Now publications of this kind in Hungary can only be sold in unopened packages. And in early 2022, the Hungarian government plans to hold a referendum in which it will ask fellow citizens whether it is worth completely protecting schools and kindergartens from discussing such topics.



The reaction of the leadership of the leaders of the EU member states to this step of Budapest was stormy.

“We will bring the Hungarians to their knees. They must share with us the values ​​of the European Union, ” – said the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel called the protection of children from perverts … “intolerance”, although in this case one must be intolerant.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen dubbed the Hungarian bill “discriminatory”.

However, it was not possible to break Orban on a swoop, and the European “liberals” turned to harsher statements.

“Hungary no longer has a place for me in the EU … But I’m not the only one who decides this: there are 26 more countries. This must be done step by step “, – announced Mark Rutte.

Viktor Orban is forced to explain

And Orban is already half justified, claiming that in his initiatives there is no “infringement of the rights of homosexuals”, but there is only a desire to protect the rights of parents and children. Finally, Hungarian laws help fight pedophiles.

According to Orbana, the main problem of the EU is the disappearance of common values. The prime minister compared the attacks of Western European defenders of “tolerance” on Hungary with colonialism. Orban said that the Hungarians did not want to dissolve their culture in a post-Christian society, and called the pressure on the Hungarian state “Legalized hooliganism”.

“Brussels wants to send LGBTQ activists to Hungarian schools. We won’t let this happen! “set point in the discussion Viktor Orban.

In response, Brussels raised the issue of sanctions against all of Hungary.

Against this background, the appearance of the article by Tomasz Faric is natural.

Brussels is facing a new challenge today. If the dictatorship of perverts continues to be imposed on the EU member states in the east, more decisive action will follow from the East Europeans. Moreover, the practical significance of the European Union for Hungary disappears (if we discard the chatter about a “single European nation”): according to economists, in a few years Hungary will have to transfer more money to the EU budget than it receives from there.

The example of Hungary promises to be contagious: in Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, the population is also negatively disposed towards the obsessive propaganda of LGBT perversions. “United Europe” is split over one of the most important issues of human morality.

Cover photo: Victor Orban, REUTERS / Bernadett Szabo

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