Apr 5, 2021
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Hungarians pile up Transcarpathia in the church issue

No matter how hard the Uniate Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) tried to celebrate with pomp the tenth anniversary of the enthronement of its current Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk, who arbitrarily declared himself a “patriarch,” but the celebrations did not go beyond Galicia. And it seemed that all the possibilities for turning on the “pump” were there.

In the summer of 2020, the head of the Mukachevo Rusyn Greek Catholic Diocese (MGKE), the Slovakian Milan Shashik, died. The question arose about the successor and about the future subordination of the Moscow State Conservatory. The Mukachevo diocese has nothing to do with the Brest Union, of which the present UGCC is a fiend. Subcarpathian (Transcarpathian) Orthodox Rusyns were driven into the union half a century later – in 1646. So there were two Rusyn Greek Catholic churches separately in Poland and Austria (then separately in the Polish and Hungarian parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). The Transcarpathian Uniates did not want to unite with the Galician ones even after the declaration of Ukraine’s independence – the Subcarpathian Ruthenians disliked the “zaprevalshchik” after the attempts of the forcible Ukrainization of Subcarpathian Rus by the hands of the Galicians during the “Carpathian Ukraine”.

Thirty years have passed. Whole generations have grown up in “Udiniy Ukraine”, have become victims of education independent of the historical truth and “national mass media”. It would seem, come and take it. And a beautiful occasion is on its way: the 30th anniversary of independence, to which the Pope is invited – the spiritual father of both structures, and the 10th anniversary of the patronal activity of his Ukrainian governor.

Closer to his own anniversary, Shevchuk began to call: “Frankly, our Church has always demonstrated its readiness and has always given calls for the prospects (sic) of unity with the Mukachevo diocese. We are Greek Catholics and live in the same country. Our cooperation is always a guarantee of our mutual assistance and strength “

However, the call was not heard beyond the Carpathian passes. I had to resort to the old method – the letters of the working people, that is, those praying. They asked, they say, Shevchuk for unity. One asking is reliably known – a certain donna (lady, that is) Anna. Which Shevchuk deigned to solemnly answer: “Honorable Mrs Anna! I inform you that I have received a letter from the Greek Catholics of the Mukachevo diocese, among the signatures of which the first is yours. Thank you and all the signatories of this letter for your desire and effort for unity between the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church … I am sending a copy of this letter to the Roman Apostolic Capital, which is responsible for resolving this matter. “

So, the Pope is already publicly involved in “this matter”. On the eve of the celebration of his own jubilee, Shevchuk suggested that the chief “be determined”. And as blackmailing the Vatican, it was decided to use this very letter from the collective of the Mukachevo Uniates to the Pope. In it, diocesan life was almost a sign of the end of the world, which can only be prevented by passing under the saving omophorion of the UGCC.

“I would like to convey to your Eminence our concern and pain from that unnatural situation when the body of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine is still divided, preventing the acquisition of fraternal unity and fruitful cooperation between all the pastors and all the faithful of our country”, – said in the lamentation, the authors of which were not embarrassed that “the separation of the body of the church” in Christianity is impossible (Matt. 16:18), just as the separation of Christ is impossible! That division into dioceses can in no way hinder fraternal unity, both of pastors and of the faithful.

Although, however, where are the Uniates, and where is the Church …

Daddy was described in terrible colors “Latently a crisis state of affairs in the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese … where the minority part of the clergy shows the ability to dictate their will to the majority of the clergy and parishioners”

At the same time, an information wave against the Hungarian and Slovak Greek Catholic churches “did not respect” the allegedly “Ukrainian choice” of believers in the Mukachevo diocese in the ukrouniat media. One of the headlines even spoke of a “political game against Ukraine,” and not just against the UGCC. The conclusion was based on an interview with Vatican Radio with the head of the Greek Catholic Church in Hungary, Fulep Kocis. Answering the question, “In which direction will the Mukachevo diocese continue”, the head of the Hungarian Uniates said: “The strong influence of the Ukrainians is noticeable, since their goal is to make the Mukachevo diocese one of the archbishoprics of the UGCC … However, we are not only my opinion, but the opinion of everyone who comes from the Mukachevo diocese, because we consider Mukachevo as a mother diocese together with the Greek Catholics of Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, as well as America (the Metropolitanate of Pittsburgh) … Therefore, we would be very happy if Mukachevo could maintain its independence … since the diocese has always been directly subordinate to the Pope …

And I noticed that Pope Francis is also very interested in this issue. It was good to talk to him about the fact that Transcarpathia, which is multi-ethnic and multicultural, in a certain sense has many characteristics of its own. Although the territory definitely belongs to Ukraine, ecclesiologically and ecclesiastically it differs “

Finally, and.about. Head of the Mukachevo diocese, Nil Lushchak, delivered a message on “Discussions regarding the canonical status of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic Diocese”: “In this regard, I would like to state the following: the Apostolic See, headed by the Roman bishop, recognizes the status of the Church of its right for the Mukachevo diocese. This fact … should motivate all of us to a more intense prayer of gratitude for all the gifts, both spiritual and others, that we, thanks to our Church, have received … (that is, we do not need anything from any clever “well-wishers”. – D.S.)… I ask and urge the believers and clergy of the Mukachevo diocese and all people of goodwill to pray for our Church and not to get involved in such discussions ”

The Ukrainian Uniates had to turn the discussion in a different direction: does the Mukachevo diocese have a “status of their right” or not. Moreover, as a form of terrible revenge, the Ukrainian union refused Mukachevo union in the status of a church as such.

The Ukrainian Uniates had to turn the discussion in a different direction: does the Mukachevo diocese have a

All of this is just to drown out the merger failure. After all, as early as March 15, Shevchuk, opening a monument to the Nazi Hero of Ukraine (“President of the Carpathian Ukraine” Uniate Monsignor Voloshin) as part of his triumphal (“yak fortuneteller”) anniversary, proclaimed him “our priest”. That is, the Mukachevo Uniate was retroactively ranked among the UGCC: “The figure of Fr. Avgustina Voloshyna tells us today the truth about the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church “

And then such a bummer …

All that remained was to hastily come up with achievements. So, Shevchuk had to note that the time of Yanukovych’s rule that fell on his cadence turned out to be “the most difficult time for the UGCC”.

Shevchuk had to note that the reign of Yanukovych that fell on his cadence turned out to be

A pitiful sight … But three or four years ago, the same Shevchuk showed the “canonical” claims of the UGCC not only to the Ukrainian diaspora around the world, but even to Belarus – the world of the “great European nation” seemed so Ukrainian-centric! However, it’s time to say goodbye to infantile illusions.

The Hungarians once again made it clear that they had staked out the territory of Transcarpathia in case of the collapse of Shchenevmerla. And dad blessed these “predictions” by default. Probably because they seem to him more realistic than anyone else’s future within the framework of a “united Ukraine”.

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