Jan 23, 2021
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Hundreds of National Guardsmen guarding Capitol fall ill with COVID-19 – Politico

Hundreds of US National Guard fighters sent to Washington after the riots in the Capitol have contracted the new coronavirus, Politico writes.

According to the newspaper, in most cases, the disease in the fighters is asymptomatic. Some of them reported that they did not take tests before arriving; someone was simply measured temperature or asked about contact with patients.

It is noted that before leaving Washington, they will need to take a COVID-19 test.

Currently, the relevant Senate committee is investigating and finding out whether security measures were followed due to COVID-19 among the National Guardsmen.

Earlier it was reported that thousands of National Guard fighters who guarded the US Capitol and rested on its territory will now have to spend the night in a nearby garage.

One of the guardsmen said that yesterday his unit was ordered to leave the Capitol and move under the roof of a multi-level parking lot. It was reported that the garage, where 5,000 fighters are located, lacks Wi-Fi, there is only one socket and one toilet with two booths.

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