Jun 1, 2022
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Hundreds of millions are demanded from Nastya Ivleeva


The host Nastya Ivleeva was sued.

Not so long ago, Nastya Ivleeva launched an online sports course on social networks – a cycle of training, the task of which is to help maintain the physical condition of people and make them more athletic. But not everyone was happy with the idea of ​​a blonde.

It is reported that the Smolninsky District Court of St. Petersburg received a statement from a coach with ten years of experience Vitaly Gudkov. The prehistory of the lawsuit is as follows: the man acquired Ivleva’s Fierce Flex sports course, after which he decided to file a complaint: they say that training is harmful to health. In addition, Gudkov was outraged that the TV personality gives several video lessons while drinking wine.

Nastya Ivleeva - photo from the archive -
Nastya Ivleeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Anastasia Ivleeva, in her marathon, promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and alcohol, which can harm all users of the product, regardless of whether it is completed completely“, the plaintiff writes in a statement.

As a result, a coach with ten years of experience, having analyzed Ivleeva’s project, came to the conclusion that the author is incompetent and cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the marathon. Having learned that Nastya earned 253 million rubles on her project, Vitaly decided to demand … 250 million. “I think the said amount is reasonable and justified. After receiving it, I plan to spend it on charity and promoting a healthy lifestyle.“, — wrote Gudkov.

As supporting documents, he attached a receipt for sending the claim to the defendant, as well as an electronic purchase receipt dated May 26.

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