Oct 1, 2021
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Humanity is not waiting for socialism, but digital feudalism

Talking about a “pink” transition means looking at the world through “pink” glasses. What we see now in the framework of digitalization is more like feudalism. A person is moving into a digital ecosystem, which embraces all areas of his life. The story of the coronavirus has shown that we are not ruled by the government or the president, but by social networks.

Social networks raise a wave, and it is of an artificial, biased nature, and then this wave captures the masses, and the government also obeys this wave. In our country, Russia is not ruled by the president, but by the head of Rospotrenadzor, simply because he was directly on the crest of this wave, or Sergei Sobyanin, who turns out to be an example for everyone. The governors think: “I have no science in the region, but in Moscow there is science, which means that what Sobyanin is doing, we must copy.”

Such a regime of feudal fragmentation is a rejection of statehood as such. What is called “inclusive capitalism” is a situation in which you can be an entrepreneur, but of a certain kind. You are an unemployed person who overestimates your abilities, so you refuse benefits, hoping to create something of your own. And as soon as you achieve the slightest success, you are forced to give your business to investment funds, social platforms, ecosystems. As a favor, you will be left with a small, in no way blocking stake, and will be allowed to be a director until the first mistake. Frankly, this is feudalism, in which there is a sovereign, and the innkeeper Bonacieux can achieve any success, but if someone likes his property, he will be taken away and imprisoned.

At the same time, you need to understand that this is also totalitarianism, which no one has ever dreamed of. People have never been ruled from within. But when we live in social networks, it seems to us that we are all free, we make free decisions. However, these decisions are determined by what we see in the same social networks. That is why social networks also mercilessly cut down any dissent: be it Trump’s blog or the statements of the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation. Dissent on social media looks as ridiculous as dissent in the KGB, and social media is more totalitarian than any KGB. We make decisions freely, but our emotions, our circle of knowledge and our circle of information are completely determined by someone outside. Information is controlled at the entrance.

This, of course, is not in the slightest degree socialism, because here we are not talking about the development of man. Man is a tool for provoking a digital footprint on which artificial intelligence is trained. And the main factor in today’s competitiveness is artificial intelligence, although it is not independent.

Accordingly, the main question of our time is which digital footprint is more valuable, is it somehow related to rationality? If the digital footprint is not associated with intelligence, then this means that the intelligence must be eliminated as consuming too many resources. This was a working hypothesis until the end of this spring.

In the spring, society made a very primitive conclusion: now there is sorting, rejection of people on the principle of preserving reasonable thinking in conditions of information pressure. The triage criterion is simple – whether a person has performed a medical experiment on himself or not.

When we look at all state propaganda both in the Russian Federation and in other countries, in the language of feminists this is called “gaslighting”: you are stupid, because you are stupid, you are not able to understand our arguments, so obey us and do not think about anything else. This is the meaning of state propaganda in all countries of the world, including Russia. Although here we are, rather, closer to reason, nevertheless, we are moving in a general trend.

The first basic hypothesis was that the recalcitrant would be rejected because they were not needed for the new management system. A person who is capable of independent thinking is a big problem for any government. In the spring we saw that certain problems exist with the substances that are introduced into people, that is, they are found in all vaccines, not only in Russians, but also in foreign ones. Then the question arises, if people who acted unwisely under pressure have problems, then the original hypothesis was wrong. It was necessary to wait for a combat virus that will eliminate unvaccinated people, but this did not happen, the situation was the opposite – vaccinated people were more susceptible to the virus and its consequences.

Then a second basic hypothesis appeared that a person who behaves unreasonably and irrationally, succumbing to propaganda, since the ability to resist information and administrative pressure is the criterion of positive selection. But this is still a hypothesis.

The current sorting of people is an anti-socialist thing in its ideology. Socialism is humanism. And only romantics and propagandists can talk about the transition to socialism as a result of the current realities. Feudalism awaits us ahead. Another thing is that the computer Middle Ages will not be so for long, it will lose technology, and without technology we will all die. So we need intelligence to survive. And it seems that this spontaneous reaction of the governing class to what is happening is somehow beginning to manifest itself.

Mikhail Delyagin

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