Jan 4, 2022
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Huawei’s Chinese HarmonyOS will soon oust Google Android from the market

Huawei's Chinese HarmonyOS will soon oust Google Android from the market

Photo: AP / TASS

The Chinese giant Huawei announced its intention to increase investments in the project of creating its own mobile (and not only!) Operating systems. First of all, the funds will be spent on the revision and further development of HarmonyOS, which, apparently, will soon give a serious battle to the Android OS. Taking into account the further cooling of relations between the Russian Federation and the West, this will only play into the hands of Russian users.

The so-called “Chinese Android” is not yet very widespread, but it no longer surprises “advanced” users. The operating system is gaining popularity, it has a lot of fans. In mid-summer 2021, Huawei began updating its own devices, as well as smartphones under the “subsidiary” Honor brand. According to user reviews, HarmonyOS 2.0 is quite a handy thing, the declared compatibility with Google Play works, the applications function correctly.

According to the company, today more than 220 million devices around the planet are running HarmonyOS, and this is not only the products of the company and its subsidiaries. Third-party manufacturers are already connecting to an alternative mobile OS, in fact, this was the main goal.

Work on the “anti-Android” began back in 2016, and, I must say, the Chinese managed to do it almost on time. In 2019, Huawei came under the sanctions of the US authorities, the products of the concern were banned in the States. On the pretext that she allegedly threatens America’s national security.

In fact, everything is simpler. Huawei sharply broke into the world leaders, capturing about 20% of the smartphone market, Samsung in second place, Apple – only in third, and with a huge lag. In addition, the concern has a bunch of other products, for example, routers known to all. The Yankes did not tolerate this and turned on the “administrative resource”.

Who really owns Huawei, no one knows, 99% of the company’s shares are controlled by the union of its workers. Another percentage of the founder – Zhen Zhengfei, formerly an officer of the People’s Liberation Army of China. Therefore, the words of the Americans that the company is connected with the state are probably justified. Moreover, all large companies in the PRC, despite the fact that they are listed as private, also maintain more than close ties with the authorities.

In neighboring South Korea, by the way, the same is happening. For example, the already mentioned Samsung Electronics is the so-called “chaebol”. This is the name of the local form of financial and industrial groups – a number of formally independent companies owned by related or simply friendly families. A single governing center and strong “friendship” with government agencies. LG Group, Hyundai, Daewoo … They are not state-owned, but not entirely private either. Half-and-half.

However, it is one thing – a small country where the American occupation forces are still stationed. And it is quite another thing – huge China, which is already looking very askance at the United States. Therefore, such a policy of double standards: “what is allowed to Koreans is not allowed to the Chinese.”

The Chinese are now not allowed a lot of things. For example, they were denied access to modern processors, which are produced by the Taiwanese corporation TSMC (53% of the world market). For the PRC, this is doubly offensive, since the island is considered its own. Although it is ruled by a pro-American regime and, as it turned out recently, US soldiers have already been stationed. The head of the Taiwan administration officially announced this a month ago. Tea Inven… Moreover, according to her, the threat from China is increasing every day. Tsai Ing-wen also said that she believes in supporting the United States in the event of an attack.

In parallel, there was information that the United States could build a full-fledged military base in Taiwan. And the Baltic dog of Washington, Lithuania, barked. In Vilnius, they said they would be friends with the administration of the island and even opened an official representative office of Taiwan.

The Chinese did not tolerate it and simply stopped all economic relations with the Balts, in addition, having recalled their ambassador from Vilnius.

“Lithuania is a country with a population of less than three million, but one of the most anti-Russian in Europe. They probably got used to a provocative foreign policy and transferred their extreme anti-Russian enthusiasm to China, ”said the Chinese newspaper Huangqiu Shibao. If anyone did not understand, it was “official”.

Goods from Aliexpress have ceased to be sent to Lithuania, and the PRC has stopped purchasing Lithuanian products. What had already arrived, was left to rot at the customs, she suddenly stopped giving the “go-ahead”. Sharikusy whined pitifully and ran to complain to the European Union.

“The Lithuanian government does not make independent decisions, and the country’s confrontation with China is the work of the United States. A belt of states is being created that can potentially recognize Taiwan. In Europe, these are, first of all, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and also, possibly, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. This is the long-term strategic goal of the United States in containing China. There are no grounds yet to say that the conflict will come to naught. Probably, Lithuania will continue actions to recognize Taiwan’s independence, and China, as a result, will put pressure on Lithuania to prevent a similar model of foreign policy for other countries. The forecast of the US-Chinese rapprochement is not realistic either, ”said an expert on China’s domestic and foreign policy. Nikolay Vavilov

The PRC continues to systematically press the Lithuanians. A very competent policy, Russia should have adopted the advanced experience of the Chinese. To break off all economic relations with Vilnius and demand that the rights of the Russian population be respected. The Russian Federation accounts for 13% of Lithuanian exports, we will live fine without it, but they cannot without it. However, such a step requires the political will of the leadership of our country, and this is not observed in principle.

While the Chinese army is trying on Taiwan, and diplomats are chasing balls, Huawei announced plans to build its own factories for the production of processors. Given the size of the corporation, they will succeed. Moreover, the partner will be SMIC – the largest Chinese semiconductor manufacturer (5% of the world market) – also included in the American “black list”. Together they will certainly master.

The “common nature” of Harmony OS 2.0 and Android, which is noted by the computer market experts, is not accidental. Huawei is clearly going to transplant all Chinese manufacturers of smartphones and other devices to its own “operating system”. And the fact that it looks like it outwardly, in terms of the interface, does not mean anything yet. They made it just similar, for the convenience of users, nothing more. “Filling” its own, otherwise nothing. If anyone does not know: Google was created by the CIA and is also controlled by it. Therefore, the PRC has created a system that is independent of American spies. Plus our own chips, no US “bookmarks”. They are not yet available, but soon they will be.

“The unpredictable business environment, the politicization of technology, and the growing de-globalization movement pose major challenges. In these conditions, we need to adhere to our strategy and reasonably respond to external forces that are beyond our control, “- said the chairman of the board of directors Go pin

We, as ordinary users, can be glad – the owners of smartphones with HarmonyOS will be freed from the “supervision” of the overseas “big brother”. This is a plus. Minus – there will be “supervision” from the neighbors.

And nothing can be done about it – the entire Russian electronics industry has been destroyed, and over the past 20 years. They finished her off when Putin, at Yeltsin not fully mastered. But in the course of “getting up from our knees” we managed. In theory, there is a lot of money in the country, last year alone, about $ 100 billion went across the cordon, and this is according to official figures. In fact, it is almost twice as much. It was possible to build a bunch of factories, including the production of electronics. But we are ruled by the comprador “ilite”, which views Russia as a cash cow. If this is not changed, we will continue to walk with imported smartphones and drive foreign cars.

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