Oct 18, 2021
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“Huangqiu Shibao”: the United States will not dare to unleash a third world war over Taiwan


Federal news agency

The United States has long cooperated with China and the “Taiwan issue” was one of those where Washington and Beijing found mutual understanding, achieving certain results, as happened in the Taiwan Strait. In recent years, the White House has changed its foreign policy towards China and deepened cooperation with Taipei. This led to the fact that the question of the future of Taiwan became a point of confrontation between the PRC and the United States.

The experts stressed that Beijing’s ultimate goal is to restore territorial integrity and protect national sovereignty. At the same time, they added that China is serious and ready to use the army, if necessary, to complete this long process of reunification.

According to Chinese analysts, the United States has lost the means of protecting the island nation, as Beijing has improved its nuclear weapons, as well as aircraft, navy and ground forces and is ready to shoot down arrogance from the Taiwan authorities.

“As soon as the mainland makes a political decision to resolve the Taiwan issue by force, it will certainly recreate a modern version of the ‘mighty army crossing the great river’, and then the United States will have to abandon its support for the Taiwan authorities,” says the Huangqiu Shibao publication.

Chinese analysts believe that the United States is closely monitoring the growth of China’s military potential, therefore, Washington is not going to “stand as a rock” for Taiwan. Since the confrontation between the United States and China can lead to the outbreak of the third world war with unpredictable consequences.

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