Sep 1, 2021
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How Zelensky not to antagonize Biden

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo: AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky / TASS)

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will take to a meeting with an American colleague Joe Biden lists of Ukrainian servicemen captured or missing in Donbass.

According to the authorized representative of the Verkhovna Rada for human rights Lyudmila Denisova, the head of state prepared in advance the lists of prisoners of war, which also contain information about the Ukrainians detained on the territory of Crimea and imprisoned in Russian prisons.

“And I know that the president will take all these documents to America,” Denisova said, expressing confidence that Zelensky will show these lists to Biden and will certainly raise the issue of returning all detained persons, including their return and exchange.

Earlier speaker of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on Donbass Alexey Arestovich stated that he does not see any prospects for organizing an exchange of prisoners with the republics of Donbass, allegedly because of the position of the position of Russia, which, in his opinion, links the exchange with political concessions from Kiev.

That is, if you show the lists to Biden, he will get emotional and put pressure on Moscow? Do they believe it themselves?

One thing is clear: Biden managed to keep his promise and withdraw troops from Afghanistan by August 31, he will clearly not be up to Zelensky – he is threatened with impeachment at home. And even if he remains in power, the blow to the reputation of both him and the Democratic Party is colossal, the topic of the most shameful retreat in the history of the United States will be discussed for a long time.

And here Zelensky with his lists. And, obviously, it will be no different from its predecessor. Petro Poroshenko, who shook the UN with a piece of an exploded bus and passports of allegedly Russian military in Donbass.

By the way, Poroshenko himself seems to have “grown wiser” and gives instructions to Zelensky about negotiations with Biden: do not demand anything, do not raise the tone.

“What should Zelenskiy focus on during his first personal contact with President Biden? The first and, in my opinion, the main thing is to establish a good personal relationship of trust with the head of the White House. At least at the level that was during my cadence. Only a competent, sincere, clear and constructive position of the real leader of the country without raised tones, questions like “Why is Ukraine still not in NATO?” – he noted.

– Zelensky follows the path of Poroshenko and has already surpassed him in many ways – in failure to fulfill promises, in Russophobia, in groveling in front of Washington, – I am sure political scientist Alexander Dudchak.

– But unlike Poroshenko’s fakes with passports and the wreckage of a bus, the topic of the exchange is not fake, it is not closed and has not lost its relevance. Zelenskiy probably wants to try on the image of a peacemaker. But in order to engage in the exchange of people with the LPNR, there is no need to consult with the US President about this. Even Zelensky is quite capable of this.

“SP”: – By the way, Poroshenko himself recommends not to raise the tone and demand nothing. Would he have behaved if he had been president?

– Poroshenko could not help but use such an informational occasion. Nobody asked his advice, but in any case, whatever the outcome of Zelensky’s visit to the United States, he will be able to say – “he did not listen to my advice, and therefore the results are zero”, or vice versa – “so that he would do without my advice!” And to raise the tone can only, some kind of “arachamia”, while no one hears her speeches in Washington.

“SP”: – Poroshenko recommends building trust and getting support. Is this all the Ukrainian leader needs from the US President? Don’t expect more in Kiev?

– What kind of trusting relationship can a servant have with a gentleman? It will be enough for Zelensky if the meeting takes place at all and he is offered to sit down during the meeting. Biden, will say something in support of Ukraine in very general terms – and already happiness. If only in the text it did not confuse it with Afghanistan.

“SP”: – Poroshenko also recommends convincing Biden of the sincerity of the intentions to carry out reforms in the country, primarily in the fight against corruption. A sore subject in relations with the United States? Doesn’t Washington believe in Kiev’s sincerity?

– Funny. The United States is quite happy with the corruption in Ukraine. They encourage and nurture her. Where, in what area of ​​activity of the Ukrainian state did they not stimulate it? From energy to drug procurement. This is manifested in the adoption of laws – they are adopted in the interests of transnational corporations. And in the “reforms” of the economy, society – everything that the hands of American advisers can reach. And their arms are long, and they are advisers in all power structures and more or less significant Ukrainian corporations.

“SP”: – And the lists of prisoners are still for what? Is this just an attempt to once again remind about “Russian aggression”, or is Zelensky really counting on something?

– We must go with something. The creatives from the office of the Ukrainian president have come up with nothing better.

“SP”: – Against the background of Biden’s behavior around Afghanistan, doubts arise about his ability to adequately assess the situation. And in any case, he has no time for Ukraine now. Does it make sense to meet? Or, again, is it important for Zelensky to record the fact of the meeting and make a photo?

– From our point of view, the behavior of the American administration is inadequate. And if we remove emotions, then in what way did the United States lose in Afghanistan? They “spent” about a trillion dollars on Afghanistan. Did they spend it on factories, schools, hospitals? The USA is not the Soviet Union. It was the Union that built schools and factories there. The United States spent money on itself – on the development of its military-industrial complex, on stimulating the production of weapons, etc. And the fact that they did mean to those who worked for them – did they ever care about the opinion of the rest of the world?

But Ukrainian leaders should think about what they will do with them, with those who are so trying to please the Americans and so actively work for them. By the way, it is their working practice to dispose of waste material – this is what they do with Russian liberal oppositionists who have become unnecessary. There were many cases of their liquidation and attempts to blame the Russian authorities – two birds with one stone were killed at once. But, while Zelensky needs pictures with Sleepy.

– Poroshenko’s famous speech was designed, first of all, to receive external support. Poroshenko wanted to convince the international community that Russia is a direct participant in the armed conflict in Donbass, – explains Dmitry Galkin, political columnist for the 2000 newspaper

– Zelensky’s gesture is designed primarily for the internal audience. Obviously, he will not be able to conclude any specific agreements with Biden. But it is important for Zelenskiy to demonstrate that his visit to the United States has brought concrete results. By handing over the lists of prisoners of war to Biden, he will be able to say that he has obtained from the United States the obligation to assist in the release of Ukrainian citizens.

“SP”: – It seems that Biden is not up to it now. Is it worth it to “load” with the problems of Ukraine, which even in “peacetime” few people in the world care?

– Of course, Biden would have preferred that Zelensky, instead of making demands and claims, would offer the United States assistance in evacuating the citizens of the countries of the Western community who remained in Afghanistan. But Zelenskiy cannot but touch upon topics that Bidet would prefer not to touch, primarily Nord Stream 2, since otherwise Zelenskiy risks being subjected to harsh criticism from the Ukrainian “patriotic public”.

“SP”: – What does the list of prisoners have to do with it. Ukraine without outside help cannot agree on an exchange?

– It is quite possible that Russia will really listen to Biden’s request if he asks to release Ukrainian citizens. True, there is no certainty that Biden will want to take on the appropriate obligations. But Ukraine generally has no chance of achieving compliance with such requirements. After the Ukrainian authorities tried to remove from the political scene Medvedchuk, Kiev’s requests are ignored by Moscow. In addition, many of those on Zelensky’s list are not considered prisoners of war in Russia at all.

“SP”: – Poroshenko recommends Ze not to raise the tone and demand nothing. What else remains for Zelensky?

– Powdered in this case, absolutely right. For the US administration, this meeting has an exclusively symbolic meaning, and Zelensky will not be able to achieve any specific agreements. But he can turn the American president against him if he insists on his demands. Zelensky has become a hostage to the internal political situation, and therefore will have to behave in a completely different way, as Poroshenko advises. Apparently, Poroshenko gives the president sound advice, because he knows for sure that Zelensky will not be able to use it.

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