Feb 17, 2021
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How was Alexei Navalny guarded in Germany?

The German government admitted that while the Russian blogger was in Germany, he was carefully guarded by German security agencies.

Alexey Navalny from the moment of landing in Germany until his departure he was under protection. From 22 August 2020 to 31 August 2020, this was done by the security team of the federal criminal police department. Then the relevant land departments of the criminal police took upon themselves the responsibility for ensuring security “- this was the answer in the FRG government to the request of the” Alternative for Germany “faction in the Bundestag. Excerpts from the document were published by RIA Novosti.

Navalny was on German soil until January 17, using the status of the Chancellor’s personal guest. During treatment in the Berlin clinic “Charite” from the effects of poisoning from August 22 to September 23, he was guarded by police officers on duty around the hospital perimeter. Intelligence officers also set up a post on the floor near the ward. On the day of departure to Moscow, Navalny and his wife were brought by car with a flashing light directly to the plane’s ladder. Police officers handled their registration for the flight.

10 february Yulia Navalnaya unexpectedly flew back to Germany “on a private visit”. In Moscow, meanwhile, the trial of her husband continued – the TFR accused him of slandering a war veteran Ignata Artemenko… In the summer of 2020, that one starred in a video supporting the amendments to the Constitution, for which he, along with other heroes of the video, was called by Navalny a “corrupt lackey” and a “traitor”. On February 2, Navalny already received 2.5 years in prison in the Yves Rocher case. The Moscow City Court will consider the complaint of his lawyers against this verdict on February 20.

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