Apr 20, 2021
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How to use an old mobile phone

How to use an old mobile phone

New smartphones regularly appear in stores, and we, as exemplary consumers, immediately take out a wallet to buy a fresh model, in which both a better camera and a larger screen, and a new generation processor. But then what to do with the old phone, which is still quite satisfactory?

And today we will tell you what to do with an old phone, suggesting 10 interesting ideas at once. We hope that you will definitely find something suitable for yourself, or at least our information will help you to look more broadly at your old mobile phone to see new possibilities in it.

Alarm clock

Too easy? But this method is suitable for any mobile phone, even 15 years ago. But on newer models, you can install one of the many programs so that the device turns into the most convenient and functional alarm clock or even a sleep phase tracker. The main thing is to keep an eye on the charge level, as used phones rarely have a reliable battery.

Book reader

Even on old push-button telephones, simple text documents could be viewed, which made it possible to use the device for reading books. Newer “dialers” allow you to comfortably read books in almost any format – from fb2 to pdf. So why not use your old phone as a reader?

Multimedia device

If the functionality of the old phone allows, then you can use it to listen to music and watch movies. This will especially help out on the road, when you have to economically consume battery power on a new smartphone. And when playing sports, it is calmer to listen to music on an old phone, which is not so a pity to break with an awkward movement.

GPS navigator or video recorder

Of course, you can use a new phone for navigation, but such work will quickly deal with the battery. But for the old device, you can buy a special holder to use the phone with benefit in the car. Also, with the help of a special application, the dialer can turn into a video recorder. True, you will have to take care of the memory card so that there is enough space for large video files.


Wi-Fi models can also be used as a router signal booster. It is enough to install the corresponding application on the smartphone, place the device on the border of the Wi-Fi signal, and it will be possible to use the Internet in remote areas of the house.

Baby monitor

Even on old smartphones there are many applications that, when they catch excessive noise, transmit information, for example, to the smartphones of mom and dad. Although this option is better to use more as a safety net, and not rely on them completely, leaving the child at home alone.

Surveillance Camera

Another interesting option is when an unnecessary device can be used as an IP camera by installing the appropriate applications directly from the App Store or Google Play on old and new phones. Now you can watch, for example, a small child or a restless pet.

Flash drive

If the device has a couple of gigabytes of free memory, then it may well be used to store various data, and not only personal photos or videos.

Remote controller

Even old telephones with an infrared port could be used to control the TV. But with newer devices, the possibilities have only become greater. Moreover, the convenience is that with the help of the appropriate program you can control almost any TV.

Play station

What could be better than having a separate device for fun games. But even old phones run without problems, say, games of old-school consoles like NES and SEGA. But on smartphones, you can put special programs (emulators) and even PS1 and PS2 games to run games. Moreover, you can buy a wireless joystick that works with Bluetooth, with which it will be much more convenient to feel nostalgic.

Of course, you can take your old mobile phone to a pawnshop if it is still working, and also sell it or leave it as a spare.

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