Oct 17, 2021
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How to upgrade a floor lamp

How to upgrade a floor lamp

An old floor lamp is a real temptation for a home designer. By decorating its lampshade with fabric, braid, beads or wire, you can change not only the appearance of the boring lamp, but also the nature of the lighting of one of the most important places in the house – the recreation area.

Making a beautiful lampshade is not difficult at all, as it might seem at first glance. It is enough to show a little imagination and find the necessary materials.

It can be made from any available materials. First, you need to decide on the purpose of the product and, based on this, choose the appropriate color scheme in order to harmoniously fit it into the interior of the room.

Experienced craftsmen advise using a frame from an old product to create a new lampshade. However, you can also make it yourself from wire.

Surface measurements should be made in advance and the necessary materials and tools should be prepared.

You will need

  1. the cloth;
  2. cotton tape;
  3. linen elastic;
  4. fringe;
  5. flowers from fabric.


  • Quite often, old floor lamps with fabric shades on a wire frame need updating. Before starting work, remove the lampshade from the lamp and remove the old cover from it. It is best to do this over a large piece of paper. Wash the frame and dry it.
  • Measure the frame and make a pattern for the new wrap. If you have a floor lamp with a cylindrical shade, measure the height of the stand and the circumference of the bottom ring of the frame. Draw a rectangular pattern using the height of the rack as the height of the rectangle. Make the length of the pattern equal to the circumference of the lower ring of the lampshade.
  • If the sides of your lampshade are rectangles or trapeziums, measure the sides and draw a pattern for one piece. For a full wrap, you will need to cut as many parts as there are sides to the frame.
  • Find a fabric for your lampshade. To do this, look through a material that matches the colors of your interior, at a lamp that is on, and see how the selected fabric transmits light. Lampshades made of thin fabrics, through which the lamp and frame are visible, are recommended to be made lined.
  • Cut out the covering parts from the fabric according to the prepared pattern. Add allowances to the top and bottom of the pattern just enough to fold the fabric and make a drawstring for the elastic or cord. If you made a pattern for only one segment of the lampshade, add seam allowances on the sides of the part.
  • Sew the cuts of the lampshade parts with a whipstitch and sew them along the sides. Fold the lower and upper seams inward and sew the drawstrings, leaving a small hole through which the elastic or cord will be threaded.
  • Wrap the posts and both rings of the frame with plain cotton tape. Stretch the fabric and insert the elastic into the drawstrings. The finished lampshade can be additionally trimmed with textile or beaded fringe by sewing it to the fabric along the lower ring. The surface of the lampshade can be decorated with fabric flowers, if the style in which the room is decorated allows it.
  • Attach the updated lampshade to the lamp post.
floor lamp

Lampshade made of paper

The simplest option is wallpapering the plafond. You should choose the right paper by illuminating it with a light bulb in order to understand in advance what kind of light will be when it is turned on.

Next, you need to take measurements and cut off a suitable piece of wallpaper. The plafond is removed from the leg of the lighting fixture and wiped with a special degreasing compound.

Next, an adhesive is applied to it and wallpaper is glued. It is not recommended to press them strongly with your hands, because unwanted air pockets and bumps can form.

After the wallpaper is dry, the lampshade is returned to the leg.

IMPORTANT! You should select interesting textured paper, as well as use collages and other wallpaper. You can print any drawing you like.

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