May 13, 2020
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How to unite Europe on May 16 with the help of Eurovision 2020: Netta Barzilai will sing with Sherifovich

May in 05: instead of the canceled final " Eurovision-2020 "simultaneously on STB and UA: First will be a live broadcast of the show "Eurovision: Europe shines with light" (Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light).

- Unfortunately, the current song contest "Eurovision will not be. Instead, we intend to unite Europe on May through a unique television program, ”says contest executive producer Jon Ola Sand.

Viewers will see online inclusion and music numbers of each participant in the song contest this year - and their 27, including Isle and our Go_A. Presenters Edsilia Rombley, Chantal Jansen and Jan Smith from a concert hall in the Netherlands without spectators will present at 296 - degree LED-screen of the contestants. The show from the studio of our Public Television will be commented by the host Timur Miroshnichenko.

Despite the fact that this year the musical action will not take place in the format of the competition (there will be no vote), the organizers promise to surprise the audience with pleasant surprises . For example, all the participants, to inspire Europe, will sing together the hit song Love Shine and Light of the British rock band Katrina and the Waves, which won the competition in 997 year). Participants in past contests will join the music show, in particular, Michael Schulte (Germany, 2015) will accompany the singer from The Common Linnets Ilse Delange (Netherlands, 2000).)).)

Winner 10 - th Eurovision Song Contest - 979 " Gali Atari will sing his hit Hallelujah together with a choir of participants from past rivals Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision Winner - 2007 "Mons Selmerlev will perform his song Heroes . Winner of Eurovision - 1999) "Maria Sherifovich in a duet with the winner of" Eurovision - 2015) " Neta Barzilai will introduce a new acoustic a song.

Also on the alternative show, the winner of Eurovision is 2015 "Duncan Lawrence will present the song" Someone Else ".

We will also see a real choir where fans of the contest will sing.

By the way , in the alternative Eurovision of Iceland Go_A became the winners of the second episode of the show by typing 28 points .

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💬UA: Yesterday we knew the video for the home concert роб Eurovision Home Concert ’, aka . ) is live broadcast on an official YouTube channel competition. ⠀ With a grudge of online votes from mid-fans on @eurovision's side, I played the song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by Vorki Serdyuchka. I can imagine a cover on it already on price. And pokey - backstage ji ziomok😉 ⠀ 💬ENG trophies: Yesterday we shot a video for the Eurovision Home Concert, which will be broadcast on contest's official YouTube channel on May . ⠀ Verka Serdyuchka's song “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” won by online voting on the @eurovision page. And we will present a cover song for it this Friday. In the meantime, a little backstage from the filming😉 @

May 2020 in 1: 37 PDT

Iceland broadcasts its own Alternative Eurovision - 2018 ". However, in

- This is cool news, we already learned about it after the fact from the Internet. In general, I sometimes watch foreign fan sites - we have good positions. Of course, the majority vote for their countries, but we also fall into the top five, ”says Katerina Pavlenko, the soloist of the team. - In fact, everything that happens is all for the better. We have a great opportunity to prove ourselves and show our creativity in a year. Eurovision is now unique! We will not have a vote, but we got to Eurovision, which has never been. It is very interesting to observe how participants come out of difficult situations. Before the cancellation, everything was planned with us: deadlines, schedules ... Now everything happens in different conditions. It blows the brain, but such a historic event will be remembered for a long time.

Unfortunately, Ukraine did not enter the final of the Eurovision of Iceland, but, as they say, the main thing is participation

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