Feb 21, 2021
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How to turn garden beds into a work of art

How to turn garden beds into a work of art

It is difficult to find domestic summer residents who use the suburban area exclusively for recreation. Everyone wants to try themselves as a gardener-breadwinner and generously plants fruit trees, vegetables, and even exotic crops.

And today we will show interesting options for decorating the beds in the country, which will not turn the site into a banal vegetable garden. Take advantage of these ideas, and your summer cottage will not only bring fresh vegetables and fruits, but will also continue to delight the eye. Even with their beds.


These shipping containers are not as useless in the garden as they seem at first glance. Both vertical and horizontal flower beds can be quickly built from this material.

Wooden fence

Split logs in half can also be used in the garden, giving the beds any fancy shape. Only cover the logs with an appropriate impregnation, which will protect the wood from damage.

Plastic boxes

It is better to take bright boxes, because in this case the beds will look much more spectacular. The advantage is that such a bed is easy to disassemble or move to another place. The main thing is not to be stolen.

Wooden structure

If you need to plant a lot on a small piece of land, then with the most meager carpentry skills, you can build a similar structure. This will allow you to both decorate the site and use the space rationally.


With the help of such metal grids filled with stones, you can collect a lot of interesting structures for a summer residence. What can we say about a simple fence for the garden.


It is enough to acquire a dozen pots of the same color and place all this wealth in a specially prepared area. Even such a simple composition will look harmonious.

Textile bags

This is done in Africa, but we have such tricks as a wonder, so it will be easy to surprise neighbors and guests. Just give preference to bags made of dense textiles or tarpaulin.

Building blocks

Foam blocks can also be used to create colorful flower beds. Therefore, if there is a construction on the site, you can even use such material.


Covering the soil with straw is an easy way to decorate your garden. Such a coating will remain loose, provide a constant supply of oxygen and even serve as additional fertilizer.

Old barrel

Do you think you can’t do anything worthwhile out of a decrepit barrel? Wait to throw it away, but rather cut it in half and build a beautiful garden. Just do not forget to cover the wood with an impregnation that protects against damage.

Old bath

Is the water tank outdated? But you can make an original garden out of it, which will delight the eye for more than one year. To do this, the bath will have to be painted and dug a little into the ground.

Mini fence

Who said that the beds should be gray and dull? A cheerful hostess will be able to build such “sandboxes” where you can grow any goodies.

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