Aug 10, 2022
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How to treat papillomas, condylomas, warts. And is it necessary?

How to treat papillomas, condylomas, warts.  And is it necessary?

Bacteria appeared first on this mortal earth, and as a result of evolution, a large number of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms are contained in the human body. Every person on the planet has this “reserve”. Activating any of the contained viruses is simple – it is enough to weaken your immunity for a moment. The papillomavirus is no exception. The body’s defenses have weakened – and formations like a fungus on a leg – papillomas appear on the body. They usually appear under the armpits, on the folds of the elbow joints, neck. Such papillomas usually do not bother a person. Another question is if papillomas began to form on the genitals. In this case, you should be alarmed and undergo the necessary diagnostics from a doctor.

Papillomas are divided into simple warts (usually they do not pose a threat, the only problem is that they often spoil the appearance. It is up to the client to remove it or not); genital warts (something like a fungus on a flesh-colored leg. They are located in groups, it is desirable to be removed after passing the biopsy test); atypical cells – are detected only during diagnosis and, accordingly, are subject to removal.

As already mentioned, each person can suddenly find himself with a wart. Also, warts are transmitted by shaking hands, kissing, and other contact of bodies. If the body is weakened, even light contact with the carrier is fraught with consequences. In fact, this “relates” papillomavirus infection and, for example, stomatitis in adults and children, each of the diseases manifests itself more strongly with reduced immunity.

It is believed that warts are harbingers of the possibility of developing tumors. But you should not be afraid, since the “embryos” of tumors detected at an early stage are treated without serious consequences. Condyloma should be removed with subsequent histological diagnosis. Among other things, you need to seriously engage in strengthening the immunity of your body, lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Papillomas may disappear on their own, or they have to be removed. Removal is usually done:

– electrocoagulation (the effect of electric current on the skin. It is carried out under local anesthesia. A rather painful process. Electrocoagulation is used to remove benign formations and acne);

– cryotherapy (treatment with liquid nitrogen. Usually, the operation does not leave scars, the impact site is restored within 1-2 weeks. It is performed under anesthesia);

– laser vaporization (removal of papilloma occurs under the influence of a laser. Scars are possible);

– treatment with special preparations (the basis of the preparations is acid, a rather painful process, it is possible to carry out at home).

After treatment, there is a possibility of reappearance of papillomas in case of weakened immunity. Alas, it is believed that papillomavirus is incurable, so only an integrated approach will help solve the problem.

To raise immunity, it is worth walking barefoot more often, eating chokeberry, since the substances contained in it are responsible for activating the work of the bone marrow, where immune defense cells are produced. It is also recommended to use foods that contain vitamin C.

Good health, a calm nervous system – this is the key to the unfading beauty and strength of every woman.

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