Sep 20, 2022
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How to transform the interior on the weekend: 6 solutions

How to transform the interior on the weekend: 6 solutions

If you live by the principle “done once and for all”, then your house has very little chance of changing. There is always the opportunity to reconsider your principles and update the boring interior.

And, fortunately, for this you do not need to do a major overhaul and delay everything for several months.

One weekend will be enough to perform a few simple manipulations, after which your home will look fresh and updated.

rearrange the furniture

A reliable option for changes in the interior is the usual rearrangement of furniture. At the same time, it is suitable for owners of spacious housing and for small apartments. It does not take much time to rearrange, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Putting a sofa, a coffee table and comfortable chairs across the living room, you get a great atmosphere for guests. A lot of options appear when it comes to small-sized pieces of furniture: pouffe, chairs, chest of drawers. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment. Replacing such a familiar bedside table with a stack of old magazines, a vintage chair, or a shelf may seem like a strange idea at first, but it can make a big difference in a room and please you.

Wall design

The design of the walls adds mood and style to the room. It is worth trying to focus on one of them: decorate it with wallpaper in bright colors, with an unusual pattern. If this is a living room, you can choose a wall near the TV, fireplace for these purposes. For the bedroom – the wall at the head of the bed. In the kitchen there is a wall near which you dine.

Repainting wallpaper and walls can help make the interior fresher. A stencil, for example, will help to apply various fantasy drawings, and a special roller will help create boring patterns in the interior. Do not forget about experiments with colors. For example, mixing bright paint with white to create a delicate pastel shade.

Finishing makeover

It is also important to pay attention to the ceiling and floor. With the help of a stretch ceiling, you can quickly change a dull white tone to a more interesting option. Professional installers do it in a day and even faster. Glossy stretch ceilings give a decorative effect and an optical increase in space, while a laconic matte one can achieve a fresher overall interior of the room.

Carpet or laminate can easily solve the problem of replacing flooring. Again – this process will not take more than a weekend. Do not forget about carpeting, this option is faster and more budgetary. With it, you can get more comfort, coziness and warmth. Soft, long-pile carpets are perfect near a decorative fireplace, creating the perfect place for an evening out.

Organization of lighting

The use of dim light is not suitable for every interior. In practice, it has been absolutely accurately verified – good local lighting can work wonders. For example, if you hang a sconce in the hallway, the interior will become much more hospitable, the directional light in the working area of ​​the kitchen will make cooking goodies much more convenient.

Installing a floor lamp will help add an atmosphere of coziness and comfort to the living room. At the same time, don’t give up on your crystal chandelier for fear of looking old-fashioned. In recent years, multi-tiered crystal models no longer have the “Soviet chic”, and now they can be used as an excellent addition to a variety of classic interior solutions or rooms in modern style.

Textile selection

The fastest and most budgetary way to transform the interior is textiles. The presence of colorful towels in the bathroom, soft blankets in the bedroom, multi-colored decorative pillows in the living room will have a very positive effect on the situation as a whole.

In addition, no one forbids thinking outside the box and creatively! You can safely use shawls, stoles. By hanging the fabric on the cornice, provide the atmosphere with the spirit of the East. Throw a scarf on the back of a chair or wrap pillows in it, and the space will be filled with notes of casual chic and home comfort.


Pictures, photo frames, panels and other similar things can easily decorate empty walls. Take the opportunity to replace familiar landscapes and everyday still lifes with something newer, unusual and special. Take for example a poster or poster from your favorite movie or rock concert – a bold and new decision to replace the usual decor.

Extra plates from the kitchen racks can be safely sent to the wall. In the kitchen, in the living room, even the bathroom will be transformed from such decor. Details can greatly influence the overall decor and atmosphere: placing a collection of family photos in the dining room, kitchen shelves with unusual storage containers, hanging a key holder in the hallway, and much, much more that fantasy can reach

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