Nov 3, 2021
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How to tell if a man really loves you with just one question

How to tell if a man really loves you with just one question

How to tell if a man really loves you with just one question

A woman always wants to find out and understand, but does a man really love her with whom she has been in a relationship for a long time? And in fact, there is one question that can help you with this. Putting it to your man, you will understand how he really treats you and what he feels – unconditional true love or just the convenience of being who he wants to see you.

Just ask him one simple question: “What do you think I should be?” and then listen very carefully to his answer, because it depends on him how a man actually perceives and treats you.

How to find out if a man really loves you with just one question

Of course, there may be a lot of options for his answers, but basically they will still boil down to one of two. The first option: this is when, in response to your question, a man begins to very actively tell that in his opinion you should be well-groomed and fit, feminine, economic, gentle, caring, loving, alluring and sweet at the same time, and also be interested in everything that he is, like his friends and family, and a lot more from his list of requirements for the ideal woman of his dreams.

Or it will be the second option: then he will say that you just have to be yourself, because that is how he loved you. And if you want to change or improve something in yourself, then, of course, he will support you and will be happy to help you if it really makes you happier, but, in his opinion, you are already beautiful and you just need to be … just being happy is the most important thing for him.

I think you already understood, based on these answers, when a man really loves his woman and sincerely wishes her happiness, and when he just wants to “blind” her ideal and he will be with her exactly as long as she is this “ideal image “will be able to support.

Therefore, draw the right conclusions and remember that true love is when you are accepted with all the giblets and shortcomings, with which you, of course, can somehow fight and improve yourself, but at the same time, you will understand that you are loved and accepted as such, as you already are.

That is, you are already enough and you do not need to jump above your head every day in order to somehow amaze and keep your loved one close. After all, he appreciates, first of all, what kind of person you are, and not just your “wrapper”, appreciates your uniqueness – exactly what distinguishes you among hundreds of others and exactly what he once loved you for.

Of course, not only the answer to this question is of great importance, but also how the man treats you, that is, whether he also reinforces his words with his actions and efforts, because this is really very important.

But, in my opinion, exactly how a person perceives you – as an object for improvement, on which you still have to work and work, or as a living person with its pluses and minuses, but such a beloved and dear one – is of key importance in building truly harmonious and happy relationship. I sincerely wish you such a relationship!

Love and take care of each other, good luck to you!

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