Aug 25, 2022
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How to teach a child to a sling? Little secrets of successful development

How to teach a child to a sling?  Little secrets of successful development

With the advent of the baby, mom’s worries become twice as much. All your time must be given to the crumbs. But what about housework and other chores? If there is no one to help you, and the child is constantly in your arms, then the only way out is to purchase a sling.

Sling is a modern sling for carrying children. It is very easy to use and makes life much easier for moms. And in order to really enjoy the sling, both for mother and child, it is first necessary to properly introduce the baby to this device.

After buying a carrier, do not rush to immediately put the baby in it. After all, kids are always wary of everything new. For several days, wear the sling scarf on you constantly so that the baby gets used to its appearance. When worn, the bandage will be saturated with mother’s smell and the smell of milk, and will become truly native to the baby. During sleep, you can put the sling to the baby in the crib or cover the baby with it.

So, the baby is used to the sling. It’s time to put the baby in this cozy nest. Choose a time when the baby will be in a good mood. At the initial stage, it would be wise for you to play it safe. Therefore, seat the baby, standing over the bed or sofa. It is possible that at first you will need someone’s help: straighten the canvas, tighten the knot. It is very convenient to put on a patchwork bandage in front of a mirror.

While dressing, your actions should be calm and confident. You should not be worried or annoyed about a possible failure, otherwise your state of mind will be reflected in the baby, which may lead to rejection of the sling.

Choose the most comfortable and easy sitting position. And use only it, let the child get used to it. After a while, when you get the hang of using the sling, you can try other positions.

When placing your baby in a sling with rings or a scarf, talk to the baby, sing, shift from foot to foot, dance. The process of getting into a sling should not turn into a long, tedious procedure for a child. Having seated the baby, do not let go of your hands, but hug and stroke the baby. Let him feel that the sling and mother are one.

The patchwork sling is designed for comfortable movement with the child. Therefore, you must move in it. The baby will not sit still if you are motionless. Only very little ones can snore peacefully in a carrier, clinging to their mother’s chest.

For the first time, wear the baby for a short time, about ten minutes. And with each attempt, increase the time. Also, keep in mind that the baby receives heat from both your body and from the sling, so make sure that the baby does not get hot.

If, nevertheless, it turned out that the baby perceives the patchwork bandage with negative emotions, then postpone the sling for one to two weeks. The main thing is not to despair, and you will succeed! Soon you and your little one will be enjoying the comfort and convenience that this wise device brings to both of you.

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