Apr 3, 2021
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How to teach a cheating husband a lesson

How to teach a cheating husband a lesson

One of our acquaintances is one hundred percent sure that all men are evil. Well, there are two more letters. It all comes down to the fact that there are no men among men who would not drag behind every skirt worn on seductive hips. Everything is thinking how to teach her husband a lesson, because he is just such a weak character. Not to love only her alone! There is one method.

This time we will refrain from any assessments, but, of course, we will share an interesting story. The main character of her husband, perhaps, managed to teach a lesson, but at what cost? Honestly, not everyone would be able to contain the resentment and calmly go through all this.

There are two on the stage. Albina and Fedor, 10 years of marriage, both closer to forty. There is wealth in the house, two children, Albina is an excellent hostess, any business is in her hands, she does not sit at home either, she has time to pursue a career. It certainly looks after itself, looks elegant and well-groomed. We saw the pictures, beautiful.

But Fyodor began to feel sad for something. He comes home later, with his wife unkind, only shrugs it off and hides something. I didn’t become myself. Albina, of course, suspected something, but decided that there was no need to worry – it would temporarily pass. You never know what happens in Fedor’s business.

I must say that their family is good, friendly, the wedding took place precisely because of love, but, as always happens according to the conviction of our friend, – all men are evil – another one has appeared. Albina did not believe at first, but everything was confirmed when she forced Fedor to talk frankly with her.

Albina finds a way to teach her husband a lesson

At first, Albina was very upset and decided to drag Fyodor to the courts, take away the allotted half and send him to the farm along with a new passion. But still she pulled herself together, calmed down and firmly told herself that people like her were not lying on the road. I will teach Fedor a lesson, he will remember all his life!

Having weighed all the pros and cons, Albina realized that besides youth, the young sweetheart had no other trump cards, and therefore she herself invited Fyodor to leave. Let him stay in their house, let the children also stay with him, and she will go to live with her mother. The young lady Fedor can also invite here.

Here, they say, for you, Fedor, a declaration of divorce, I give you a month to sign it. While! The ex-husband was even delighted. After all, how everything was resolved by itself, nothing had to be done. However, the heavenly delight ended pretty quickly. Albina’s replacement clearly did not last.

Albina and the despicable husband

Fedor is used to having breakfast in the morning, and his new wife does not know how to cook. Therefore, lunch is as it turns out, and dinner at a restaurant. And in general, she told Fyodor that he already had enough money: instead of settling her in the kitchen, it would be better to buy a new fur coat. And her car is already old.

Fedor lasted, probably, three weeks, and then came running with surrender. Albina, of course, asked for an indemnity, but she conditionally forgave her unlucky husband. And the pressure lever has now appeared. And Fyodor what? Of course, he washed himself with tears.

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