Sep 13, 2022
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How to take care of household appliances in the kitchen?

How to take care of household appliances in the kitchen?

In the modern world, most girls cannot imagine their life without household appliances. But in order for household appliances to last as long as possible, it is necessary to be able and properly care for them. If you listen to the care tips, then household appliances will serve as an assistant for a long time and will look great.

Taking care of the microwave

The microwave oven has long taken pride of place in the kitchen of any hostess, cooking in it is convenient, fast and easy. But most importantly – do not forget to wash it after cooking. In order not to wash the device often, cook food in a special dish with a lid, so the food will not spill out and contaminate the oven. Inside the oven should be wiped after each use, this can be done with a soft sponge. You can get rid of the smell of fish in the kitchen by putting a container of water and lemon in the oven, it will absorb all the smells.

The vacuum cleaner also needs care!

Often we do not attach importance to this and read the instruction in two cases: when something is broken or initially does not work. Washing vacuum cleaners can and should be washed with warm running water without detergents. It is enough to use a soft sponge, the main thing is not to forget to dry the vacuum cleaner so that there is no musty smell.

In the arsenal of any housewife, there is also such a kitchen appliance as a food processor. All of its removable parts can be washed like normal dishes using a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. All these devices must be thoroughly rinsed after washing. It is difficult to wash the strainer from a juicer with just a sponge, usually a special brush is included in the kit, which will facilitate care.

Toasters, step by step to the weekly cleaning!

The easiest kitchen appliance to clean is the toaster, it requires less maintenance than liebherr refrigerators, you only need to buy a separate brush for the toaster, with which you can brush off the crumbs. You only need to wipe the body of the device. If the unit is not equipped with a special pallet, then simply turn it over and shake it.

How to care for an electric kettle

There is an electric kettle in almost every kitchen, the main thing here is to ensure that scale does not form in it. It is very easy to get rid of scale, for this you need a teaspoon of citric acid per liter of water, you need to boil a kettle with such water and there will be no trace of scale. Outside, the teapot can be wiped with a simple sponge, the main thing is to make sure that there are no dust and stains on it. It is also worth monitoring the coffee maker carefully, constantly cleaning it after use, getting rid of coffee residues, as mold can form on them.?

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