Apr 23, 2022
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How to stretch tight shoes: 5 tips from a shoemaker!

How to stretch tight shoes: 5 tips from a shoemaker!

Probably every woman has a pair of shoes in which it is only comfortable to sit. When you try them on in the store, it seems that there is no more comfortable and beautiful model. But when you come home, you realize that you have never been so wrong …

If you have purchased just such shoes, rubbing, squeezing and causing discomfort, take our advice.

We have prepared for you wonderful life hacks with which you can easily stretch your shoes. After that, you can run in your favorite shoes as if on clouds.

How to quickly break in shoes

Dampen the inside of the shoe with alcohol. Put on your shoes and walk around in them for 2 hours. Even if you bought shoes that fit, we recommend doing this procedure to soften hard areas.

With a hairdryer and warm socks, you can quickly and effectively soften your shoes. Well, of course, in the photo with woolen socks – bust, it is better to put on cotton or terry socks, then put on shoes and from above, for 15 minutes, blow hot air from a hair dryer.

Lubricate leather or leatherette shoes that you have not worn for a long time with castor oil. After processing, clean it and remove excess oil.

Soak the inside of the shoe with paraffin (a regular candle), leave overnight. In the morning, remove excess paraffin. This method will help you forget about corns once and for all!

grandfather’s method. Stuff each shoe with damp paper (newspaper) and leave to dry completely. You can not dry such shoes near the centers of heat, they should dry in a room with room temperature.

But in my opinion the best way to stretch the shoes. Works 100%. It is necessary to pour water into bags (by ¼ part), put the bags in shoes or boots (boots) and put such shoes in the freezer until the water freezes completely.

These popular methods will help you break in tight shoes, as well as soften your leather in a new pair.

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