Aug 17, 2022
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How to stretch the top of your boots at home

How to stretch the top of your boots at home

Do you like boots, but they are too narrow in the bootleg? You lack a couple of centimeters for a perfect fit and they do not fasten?

Solving this problem is real. You can use the services of a shoe workshop, where the master will stretch the shaft to the desired volume.

But you can stretch the bootleg yourself. There are many ways to bring the volume of boots to the ideal at home. Here are the most common ones:

1. Manufacturers of shoe care cosmetics Twist, Salton, Salamander, Kiwi and others offer to solve our “tight” problem with the help of special stretching products. They are aimed at softening the skin in tight places.

Apply foam on the outside of the boot shaft. After that, putting on a thick terry sock on your leg, put on shoes and wear until completely dry. Repeat the procedure for several days in a row until the result is achieved. If you want to stretch shoes with a patent or suede surface, then the product must be applied inside.

2. You can use diluted 3% vinegar – lubricate the inside of the boots with it, and on the outside apply the same special purchased product that we wrote about in paragraph 1. But this option is not suitable for winter shoes with fur lining.

3. Leather shoes can be stretched by warming them up: pour boiling water over the top of the boot and put on the leg. The high temperature will soften the boots, and they will take the desired shape.

4. Castor oil not only cares for leather products, but also softens them. The application algorithm is the same as that of the product purchased in the store.

5. If the boots are not made of very thin leather, varnish or husky, then try to stretch them with an iron and a flannel napkin. Unbutton your boots, straighten the tops and place on the ironing board. Steam thoroughly through a damp cloth. When the skin is steamed and moisturized, gently, without jerking, stretch the skin to the sides to the desired size. After that, stuff it tightly with paper and fasten *. After this procedure, let them stand for 2-3 days.

6. Put on high socks soaked in the right place on your feet, followed by boots. Walk around for half an hour and take it off. If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

7. Stuff the boots tightly with damp, pre-moistened paper* and leave them to dry completely in the room. You can not put shoes on the battery – the skin is deformed, bumps appear.

8. The soccer ball tube and pump can help you stretch your tight shoes. Moisten the shaft with water, place the camera inside the boot and pump it up. This method does not claim to be the most effective and fastest – rather an alternative to the usual wearing of a wet boot on the leg.

It should be remembered that not all shoes can be “painlessly” stretched. First of all, it depends on the material, elasticity, the presence of decorations and seams, and other details. It is very difficult and dangerous to stretch shoes made of artificial materials – the fibers are severely damaged, which leads to rapid wear and deformation. Approach this issue carefully and thoughtfully.
Is the top of seasonal shoes “shrunken” again?

Improper storage of shoes can backfire again in a year with tight tops. To prevent, follow these guidelines:

– put dry, clean shoes in the closet;
Stuff socks and bootlegs tightly with paper.
These simple tips will help you forget about the discomfort in your favorite boots once and for all.
Let your shoes bring you only pleasant sensations!

* for light boots, use plain paper – printing ink can be transferred to the skin.

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