Apr 17, 2021
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How to stop suffering from sleep deprivation

How to stop suffering from sleep deprivation

If you have not been able to feel vigorous enough and slept enough for many weeks, you urgently need to take action!

Of course, you already know a lot of tips for getting a good night’s sleep. But there are a few more factors that you hardly consider.

Why does she constantly fall asleep? In our article you will find the answers to this question. There are many mistakes that you make every day without even noticing it. Let’s try to identify and fix them.

Sleep on an empty stomach

Many are sure that you cannot eat anything at least 3 hours before bedtime. This is not entirely true. It is advisable not to eat anything heavy and fatty, such as meat or fried potatoes.

However, it is very important to drink at least a glass of kefir at night, or warm milk. You can also use any of the carbohydrates. They promote the production of serotonin, which promotes deep, healthy sleep.

Mess in the bedroom

What surrounds you before bed is much more important than you think. Clutter can spoil your mood and lead to disturbing intermittent sleep.

Abandoning the normal sleep-wake cycle

If you go to bed at different times every day and your regime is violated, it is very difficult for the body to adapt and fully rest every time.
Try to go to bed at the same time. If you want to sleep longer on your day off, it is better to go to bed early, but get up at the same time, when and always.

Excessive requirements for your body

Remember that you are as much a living person as the rest. You also need to sleep an average of 8 hours every day in order to function fully and effectively.

Many people think they are special. But to think that 4 or 5 hours of sleep will be enough is very wrong. This will only lead to depletion of the body and disruption of sleep patterns.

Sleep intermittently

Have you ever felt that after an evening sleep you feel just awful? Can’t understand where you are or what is happening around?

The thing is, by going to bed for a couple of hours, you confuse your own brain. That is why it is so difficult to fall asleep later at night. Even if you are very tired, try to endure it until evening.

Lack of breakfast

It is the morning meal that helps us finally wake up and energize the body.

Breakfast also serves as a kind of timer that starts counting down until the night falls asleep. It is breakfast that plays a key role in the regulation of general metabolism.

Sleep-off on weekends

You should not postpone the rest until later. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Our body needs to rest every day and it is impossible to catch up.

Don’t interrupt your biological cycle. Why does it fall asleep during the day? It’s very simple – you don’t get enough sleep at night.

Dislike for morning awakenings

If you are terrified just imagining how you will wake up in the morning, perhaps you should at least slightly change your attitude.

If you develop a clear schedule and go to bed at least a little earlier, the morning will be the most enjoyable part of the day for you. No more morning anguish.

Editorial advice: try not to postpone awakening in the morning, but to wake up even a few minutes earlier. Every 5 minutes you take to sleep will only worsen your condition.

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