Oct 6, 2021
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How to stop Russophobia: The expert suggested introducing a new obligation for officials

Expert Andrei Razumovsky told how to stop Russophobia. He proposed introducing a new obligation for Russian officials: in his opinion, it is necessary to legally oblige all of them, regardless of their level, to fight against manifestations of Russophobia.

Runet discussed the beating of a Russian boy in Uzbekistan this week. And the news of these days is an actively unfolding agitation campaign to destroy our language in this country, Diana Sorokina, an anchorwoman of the channel, emphasized on the air of the Tsargrad. Today program.

Judging by the reports of the Uzbek media, a real war against the Russian language was started there. For example, in the city of Chirchik, leaflets were posted in public places urging the use of Uzbek rather than Russian words.

The advertisements list usages from both languages, but there is a red cross next to the Russian word, and a green checkmark next to the Uzbek word. Such campaigns can be found in shops, restaurants, universities, buses and at bus stops.

The head of the human rights center of the Tsargrad Society, Andrei Razumovsky, noted on the air of the program that this is actually a large-scale process of de-Russification, which has been going on in Uzbekistan for several years.

In his opinion, Russian officials should first of all work against these tendencies. Moreover, it is necessary to start the struggle with the introduction of a new obligation for our civil servants, Razumovsky believes:

And it doesn’t matter what kind of official he is – he is from the Foreign Ministry or works inside Russia: every official at any level should be legally obliged to fight against manifestations of Russophobia. Only in this case will we be able to truly protect our compatriots abroad.

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